No jobless pay, desperate

I filled for unemployment at the end of March and I cannot certify for weekly benefits. My coworkers are experiencing the same. We cannot certify through the phone or internet. I’m running out of money. Please help.

Teresa Quinones-Elbertson

Somers Point

Visitors should stay home

With regard to the recent spate of letters and commentary on tourists and second-home owners coming to the Jersey Shore to visit or check on their property, let me chime in on the discussion.

The primary reason why the governors in the five state area — Maryland, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and New Jersey — have come together is to say you must self-quarantine at home. The reason for self-quarantine is that someone can unwittingly transport the virus to other persons/locations. People may be healthy, they still may carry the virus to others.

If decide to take a walk, they are strongly urged to wear a mask. As Gov. Andrew Cuomo said, “you don’t have the right to infect me.”

Cape May is a community of 3,000 that swells to near 50,000 in the summer.

And while we enjoy and appreciate the vibrancy everyone brings to the city, we need to take every caution as we challenge a silent and most deadly enemy.

Jack Riehl, Cynthia Brennan

Cape May

Against Harrison in 2nd

Regarding the recent commentary by Brigid Harrison, “Blame lack of coronavirus testing in South Jersey on Van Drew”:

Harrison blaming Rep. Jeff Van Drew for the lack of coronavirus testing is a typical Democrat farce. Every South Jersey resident for years has known North Jersey gets the gold mine and South Jersey gets the shaft. The Democrats kiss up to North Jersey because that’s where they have the voters.

I am also sure that if the Democrats get the mail-in ballots, many deceased Democrats from North Jersey will be mailing in an absentee ballot for the 2020 election.

Harrison also failed to mention what Sens. Cory Booker and Robert Menendez are doing to help South Jersey (and the governor too). I saw Booker in a photo in the news cozying up with his girlfriend. Menendez is probably still celebrating his hung jury, with no censure or retrial with his Florida eye doctor buddy.

Why aren’t the big three Democrats doing more for South Jersey? Harrison said, “if Van Drew had gotten up from his desk in Washington and done his job we wouldn’t be forced to wait.” At least Van Drew is at his desk in Washington, not with his girlfriend or missing in action.

The Democrats continue to push their agenda and pork in the stimulus packages in Washington. Abortion was among many others. I guess not enough people are dying and suffering from the coronavirus, we need to fund abortion so more can be killed. No Democrat will ever get my vote.

Martin Kozak

Cape May Court House

Quick CO alarm response

Recently our carbon monoxide alarm sounded. 911 told us to vacate the home and by the time we got in the car members from Bayview Volunteer Company arrived. They checked the home, found the alarm box faulty, and found the home clear.

This quick response ensured our safety. They are truly first responders.

Anthony Bocelle


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