Flyers caved on Kate Smith

Shame on the Flyers for maligning Kate Smith, when the current music scene is an insult to everyone. I’m really, really disappointed in their management for their ridiculous kowtowing to extreme views.

Barbara Coles

Mays Landing

Some object to history

Regarding the recent story, “CRDA to fund Boardwalk Holocaust memorial”:

What a honorable tribute to one of the most horrific times of modern history. But let’s face facts, some people will be offended by this tribute and memorial and it will either have to be dismantled or covered, such as happened to the Kate Smith statue in Philadelphia or the many other historic statues at public or private locations. Possibly in a few years even Mount Rushmore may have to be destroyed.

If the CRDA has excess funds, possibly they could donate it to bring in more homeless (by train service now also) for their comfort in our community and make more room at the Stockton University Atlantic City campus dormitories to house them. After all, we can’t discriminate.

Lou Tate


Synagogue incident should be a hate crime

Regarding the recent story, “Intoxicated man charged with breaking Ventnor synagogue menorah”:

The news in The Press recently caused me a great deal of sadness and anger. After reading the front page about how the Jews and Christians in the area were celebrating the start of their holidays and how local firefighters were being honored, I turned to Page 4 to see that the menorah that stands in front of the Chabad in Ventnor had been ripped out of the ground and damaged by a Ventnor resident.

First, as a Jewish person that resides in Ventnor along with my family, I found this act to be heinous. I disagree with the Ventnor police, who said “there was no indication it was a bias incident towards the synagogue or the religion.” I think this was a hate crime and that this man deliberately chose a Jewish symbol to destroy. He did not choose to deface anything at any of the local churches. He defaced a Jewish synagogue.

I think the story deserves more attention after all of the recent events surrounding the targeting of the Jewish community.

Ilene Cantor


Marijuana laws harmful

Regarding the recent Betsy MCCaughey column, “Politicians not telling people about dangers of legalizing weed”:

We’re at the risk of again becoming hysterical about the use of marijuana, as in the propaganda film “Reefer Madness.” I think there’s a strong argument that through many decades more people have been harmed by draconian marijuana laws than by the drug itself. Especially in poor and minority communities. And especially by still classifying it as a Schedule I drug similar to heroin with no accepted medical use.

Dave Gruber

Mays Landing

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