Not legalizing cannabis jeopardizes related jobs

Like most college students, I often ask myself: Will my education be worth it?

So with expanded medical and adult-use marijuana legalization in New Jersey becoming a possibility, I enrolled in Stockton University’s cannabis studies program. One of only a few in the country, it prepares students to navigate the legal, social justice, health and economic impacts of cannabis. I’m also president of the Student Marijuana Alliance for Research and Transparency chapter on campus.

But is there even going to be a cannabis industry in New Jersey when I graduate?

I’m putting time, energy and tuition into a career field that is rapidly expanding across the country. By the year 2022, cannabis is expected to grow to 330,000 jobs nationwide, eclipsing the entire iron and steel industry. But it barely exists here. If I graduated tomorrow, my job prospects would be limited to six licensed medical cannabis dispensaries in the state.

By choosing not to act, New Jersey politicians are jeopardizing an opportunity for many to capitalize on a vibrant market that would create stable jobs with good pay and benefits. The state also would miss out on the tax revenue that could be used for schools, police and firefighters and infrastructure repairs.

By working hard in college I’m doing everything I should to prepare for a bright future in New Jersey, but are the politicians in Trenton doing everything they should to create it?

Jenna Misciascio

Hamilton Township

God’s revelation matters

Regarding the recent letter, “Keep verifiable science, drop believed religion”:

The writer states, “Religion is both make-believe and harmful” and we should get rid of it.

He also states his view that “religion is a belief that is supported by nothing more than tradition and revelation.”

I am not sure the writer understands the meaning of the word “revelation.”

A revelation is essentially a message. But who is the bearer of revelation? Who is the one who reveals? Simple: It’s God.

Is this writer suggesting that we all are better off ignoring God and what God says to us?

Anthony Navarra

North Cape May

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