Stop illegal immigration

Will the liberal Democrats in this country ever stop their obstruction tactics? They have opposed President Donald Trump on everything he has said or done since he was duly elected. I think the Democrats oppose him because they just don’t like him and he beat crooked Hillary Clinton.

The people didn’t elect him to be our pastor, we elected him to straighten out the mess that past presidents have caused. He is doing everything possible to stem the flow of illegal immigration flooding into this country, only to be stopped by the mean-spirited Democrats that say we should not have walls and let everyone come in without a meaningful vetting process.

Unless we do something right now, more than a million illegal immigrants will step foot across our border, receive a court date and be released into our country to go wherever they please. This must be stopped.

Things have gotten so bad that the New York State Legislature passed a bill giving $27 million funding for the education of illegal immigrants but not a dollar for Gold Star families. Think about that, a son or daughter whose military parent was killed in action will not receive any funding help, but some illegal child gets free tuition.

Trump came up with a good idea — transport all the illegals to the sanctuary cities and states. I’d like to see the first busload go to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s front door. But they can’t, her estate has a gate and wall.

Edward O’Flynn Sr.

Mays Landing

Miss A has changed where it’s held before

Since its inception nearly 100 years ago, the Miss America Pageant has had a few changes in venues. In the early 1920s, the very first pageant was held in Atlantic City. Then in the late 1920s, no pageants were held. In 1932, a Miss America was crowned in Wildwood, Dorothy Hann from my hometown of Camden. There was a venue controversy then, as that pageant wasn’t considered official. Now there is a venue controversy again.

The Miss America Organization also held competitions in Las Vegas. Although Boardwalk Hall might not be the perfect place for the pageant these days, I still enjoy the nostalgia of what it brings and means to Atlantic City.

Wayne E. Williams


ACIT seeks to expand further from vocations

Atlantic County Institute of Technology (ACIT) continues to expand enrollment with multiple college-prep courses with little oversight. Atlantic County taxpayers, of which I am one, should be outraged. ACIT wants funding to build, while high schools in the county are not at capacity. ACIT replicates courses, while ignoring vocational training, which is sorely needed. Students in county high schools could benefit from such training, as some students would be better served by learning a vocation rather than attending college.

As if to add insult to injury, ACIT will fund crew. In other schools, crew is a club, which means the participants must fully fund their activity. Atlantic County freeholders and county taxpayers should scrutinize ACIT’s budget before planning to increase enrollment and fund (with our tax dollars) new construction.

Pamela Montecalvo

Egg Harbor City

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