Trump still falsely attacked

It was disappointing and disgraceful to read banner headlines and articles giving credence to what I believe is America’s largest hoax. For 2½ years, countless Democrats, Hollywood and the fake news liberal media have falsely accused President Trump, his family and Russian President Vladimir Putin of collusion, conspiring to steal an election and obstruct justice.

After the long and thorough investigation found no basis to charge Trump, coverage chose to ignore this 2½-year-old national disgrace, this circus, this hoax.

Steve Samolowicz

Egg Harbor Township

Brown sensible opposing legalization of marijuana

Regarding the recent commentary by Sen. Chris Brown, “Marijuana push is smoke and mirrors; dangers of legalization are real”:

Sure glad I voted for Chris Brown in the last election. My belief is that he is one of the most sensible legislators in New Jersey. His commentary regarding the legalization of recreational use of marijuana should be mandatory reading for everyone in New Jersey.

Ralph Clayton

Egg Harbor Township

Change in parking troubles Sea Isle Marina users

Speaking on behalf of myself and others who patronize the Sea Isle City Marina, a troubling issue has arisen and must be addressed. One of the incentives to rent a boat slip in this marina was the free parking access included at no additional cost. Now city officials may restrict parking passes to reduce what they say is their abuse. Obviously, the businesses on the waterway will suffer if this situation continues. Boat slip renters may choose to look elsewhere, impacting the local economy.

Any change in parking should have been discussed prior to slip renters being sent and signing their annual contracts.

If the parking situation cannot be rectified, the option for a full refund for slip renters should be considered or legal matters will be considered. I have contacted several local government officials and the Sea Isle City Marina to no avail.

Kari Giorgi

Doylestown, Pa.

Shame on Flyers for removing Kate Smith

I was a charter season ticket holder from the Flyers’ inception until 2000. After hearing that icon Kate Smith’s statue was removed from the stadium area, I’m glad I didn’t renew my tickets.

How hypocritical from a sport that, even today, condones fighting during games to say “we cannot stand idle while material from another era gets in the way of who we are today.” What did Kate Smith do but utter a couple of questionable lyrics 90 years ago?

Does anyone remember the “Amos and Andy” TV series from the 1950s? CBS broadcast 52 episodes, most of which by today’s standards would be considered highly demeaning to blacks. Should CBS be taken off the air for these 52 half-hour transgressions almost 70 years ago? In the 1930s there were actually protests denouncing their radio show for its lower-class characterizations and “crude, repetitious and moronic” dialogue. Yet, Amos and Andy continued on radio for over 20 years.

Shame on the Flyers for their double standard. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Thomas DeFiore


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