Major fire fought early holiday morning

Easter Sunday is a family day. Activities such as church services, Easter egg hunts and special breakfasts are shared with loved ones. On that day the brave and dedicated members of the Sea Isle City, Strathmere, Ocean View, Seaville and Avalon fire departments set aside their Sunday plans to fight a major fire in Sea Isle City.

These amazing women and men, with support from the Sea Isle Police Department, responded very early Sunday morning to save lives and property. I was one of the homeowners whose home was saved and will always be grateful to these special people.

The news is saturated with stories of crime, political backbiting and disappointment. We need to share some good news. It is time we recognize that there are good people in our communities and they are the volunteers who serve as firefighters. They give their valuable time to us without asking for recognition, only for our support. Who among us would rise at 5 a.m. on Easter, leave their families and run to help strangers?

Charles S. Rice

Sea Isle City

Trump a bulwark against social Democrats’ rule

The Democrats deny claims by some of a deep state conspiracy to undermine the Constitution and replace the Republic with a socialistic state. I’ve read and heard on TV claims that they plan a three-pronged attack: making Washington, D.C., a state to gain members of Congress; doing away with the Electoral College to ensure the dominance of big Democratic and socialist-leaning states; and packing the Supreme Court with left-wing judges.

I think such a conspiracy has been going on for decades and was well on its way to succeeding until Donald Trump came along and upset their apple cart. I think this is why Democrats are trying to destroy him and why we need President Trump more than ever to preserve the Constitution, the Republic and our way of life.

Donald R. Ackermann


Presidential candidates should resign to run

If Sen. Cory Booker wants to run for president, he should resign his position as senator first. A recent story reported that he has the dubious distinction among Democratic candidates of missing the most Senate votes (along with Sen. Kamala Harris).

How can Sen. Booker continue to receive his Senate pay (senators’ average pay is $174,000 annually), when he is so often absent? He should be out in New Jersey talking to voters, doing constituent services, or preparing important legislation, perhaps on the immigration mess.

The New Jersey Legislature has the power to pass “resign to run” legislation. That should also apply to the governor (and should have applied to Chris Christie), senators and U.S. representatives.

Stephen Schmidt

Galloway Township

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