Past sensibilities different

Today’s sensibilities cannot be applied to many decades ago, the distant past. If this keeps up, why don’t we just sandblast smooth Mount Rushmore?

Michael Maggio

Galloway Township

Remove limits on solar

Citizens should push to rescind the laws that limit the amount of solar energy devices they can install. Such laws limit the ability of people and governments to prosper, and they encourage the suppliers of conventional fuels to wastefully and needlessly drill off-shore, and other contaminating methods to furnish energy and charge exhorbitant fees to citizens.

Electric utilities should be forced to build the infrastructure needed to absorb whatever increase in solar electricity

Bob Schwartz

Egg Harbor Township

Democrats going far left

The Democrats of FDR and JFK should be worried. Their party has veered so far left, it has fallen of the cliff. Almost unanimously, their presidential candidates for the 2020 presidential election have subscribed to policies that defy explanation.

Some would open U.S. borders and deny funding for an extended wall. Some have no problem aborting a fetus whose heart beat can be heard and felt, and deny that this amounts to infanticide.

Uneasy in their ability to legislate reforms, some would pack the Supreme Court in an attempt to make the court their de facto legislative body. Many would abolish the Electoral College, thereby essentially placing the fate of presidential elections in the hands of the highly populated cities of California, New York and Illinois. It should be noted that, while vitiating the vote of non-urban dwellers, these same liberals would extend voting rights to prison inmates — including terrorists and even the Marathon Bomber. How much farther left can they go?

Matthew Costanzo


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