Climate dwarfs migrants

President Trump rails against a caravan of perhaps 4,000 desperate folks fleeing the poverty and violence of dysfunctional Central American nations, many bound towards our southern border hoping for an opportunity to improve their wretched lives.

Yet, this is trivial when compared to the millions of desperate folks fleeing the horrendous conditions of dysfunctional African nations towards Europe, also hoping to improve their wretched lives.

Still, these consequential migrations are dwarfed by prospects of millions of desperate folks worldwide in the not too distant future fleeing coastal homes due to rising sea levels, landscapes unable to grow crops, provide grazing land for cattle, potable water, as well as other environmental degradations all caused by global warming.

Reducing demand for fossil fuels may not be enough. We may need to invent technologies to counteract what truly is an existential threat. Immigration issues today are a walk in the park compared to what lies ahead.

Lawrence Uniglicht

Galloway Township

Only money, power matter

Donald Trump became president by appealing to the lowest common denominator. The Democratic National Committee in the 2016 primary puts its thumb on the scale for Hillary Clinton and sadly progressives are vilified as socialists while a government elected with Citizens United contributions is defended by the right. Support for the coal industry is an example of this administration’s backward policies that enrich the status quo and interfere with the marketplace by picking the wrong side, downplaying pollution and climate change.

President Trump is an example of what happens when only money and power matter. This is not making America great again, its making America ashamed again.

Steve Mento


NFL protest should stop

Can we please stop with the NFL players’ rights saga? You have a right to attend an Eagles game, but if you go when you’re being paid by your employer and you’re supposed to be at work, the employer also has a right. He can fire you, which is what the NFL owners should do, but they haven’t got the guts.

By allowing this to continue, the owners and sponsors are telling us that they agree with the protesters. If the players choose to protest, they can do so on their own time and out of uniform. Meanwhile, college football has been great.

Chuck Weber


Trump supporters fooled

Abraham Lincoln once stated you can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

President Donald Trump seems to me to have figured a way to fool 40 percent of the people all of the time.

I have a list of people I consider the worse in my lifetime. Never did I ever think the president of United States would make that list.

Michael Santambrogio

Egg Harbor Township

Climate argument doesn’t depend on hurricanes

Regarding the recent commentary by Nicolas Loris, “Climatologists say warming isn’t making hurricanes stronger”:

I’m sure Nicolas Loris is well aware that any particular storm cannot be attributed to this or that condition, that’s simply not the way climate works. I think he may want to delay action by actively seeking to sow doubt and confusion by cherry picking the data that supports his position.

His column is based on a small subset of hurricanes, i.e. only hurricanes that make landfall in the United States. Climate is long term and widespread. His pollyanna attitude ignores concerns to barrier island homeowners and investors. One, ice packs are melting at increasing rates, and two, sea levels are on the rise along with the coastal flooding.

Loris dismisses a carbon tax out of hand, ignoring the experience in the 1980s. We created a tax and trade system of permits to release sulfur dioxide, traded among the players to tailor the impact to each player’s individual situation. Given the experience we gained beating back acid rain, there is no imminent economic disaster.

From the electric grid to flood control, roads and water and sewer systems all need updating and in some places, complete replacement. There is enough work from climate change to be a major driver of the economy for years to come.

Robert Post


Made bad car deal

Recently I wandered into a dealership and leased a car. I should have been aware that it was not a major corporate dealership.

Business tactics turned out to be unorthodox as opposed to corporate associated dealerships.

I later discovered this privately operated dealership is frowned upon by customers and peers alike. People should be certain to associate with corporate associated businesses rather than independently owned ones.

Some protections are not in play. Information is vital in any type of business venture.

Make certain to discover the where and wherefores of business ventures before accepting a contract.

Most car salesmen and dealerships, in my experience, are honest and forthright. I made the mistake.

Dolores M. Hall

Pittsgrove Township

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