Cowgirls no more

I find it amusing that after the whipping the Eagles took down in Dallas, the commenters referred to the team as the Dallas Cowboys and not Cowgirls like they usually do. Ha ha.

Harry Cotrill


Atlantic City needs more nongaming and discounts

Since 2018, Atlantic City has been trying to maintain the popularity and tourism it has gained through sports gambling. However, if Atlantic City ever wants to become as popular as Las Vegas, there has to be more than just sports gambling in the area.

One thing that Atlantic City can do is to establish a restaurant district or street where locals and tourists can enjoy different types of food at an affordable price. A way to make the city more attractive is to have authentic, family-owned businesses that give the consumer a sense of what it is really like to spend a night in Atlantic City.

Lowering the rates of hotels and casinos is another way to help improve tourism in the area. The current hotel rooms are too pricey for middle-class visitors. A casino stay on the weekend can cost over $200 for one night. More discounted rates should be available for weekends and holiday seasons.

Museums and art exhibitions are among the tourist attractions that Atlantic City doesn’t have. Las Vegas has the Eiffel Tower replica and Bellagio Fountains, while Atlantic City has the giant horses outside of Caesars. The municipal government should invite local artists and art students to help create a cultural ambience.

Well-developed non-gaming projects, initiatives and campaigns are key to the success of Atlantic City’s sustainable development.

Charles Wigginton

Gloucester City

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