Oppose Sweeney on public worker benefits

State Senate President Steve Sweeny demonstrated arrogance and ruthlessness in his continuing plan to change the health and benefits of retired public workers. These are the ordinary folks who spent years in what I consider comparatively lower paying government jobs with an understanding of some type of financial consideration in the form of state help in paying health benefits.

Sweeney rails against this long-standing contract with public employees and says he will take his campaign statewide. Instead of revising school aid formulas to help hardworking New Jersey taxpayers, he continues to criticize agreements with state workers, especially older retirees, who make their financial plans based upon what they know and have been promised, not what Sweeney proposes. It’s time for politicians of all persuasions to say no to Sweeney.

Rona Ferrechio


Gas-tax deception shows need for term limits

The latest gas tax increase is another deception by the bureaucrats and crooked career politicians in Trenton.

We voted for the 23-cent tax, it was a compromise between Gov. Christie and the Democrats. But they made it so the tax would be increased to sustain $2 billion in revenue. When electric cars go into mass production to get rid of fossil fuels, we all will be paying about $10 per gallon. I have seen deteriorating and crumbling infrastructure coming for a long time and the career politicians and bureaucrats have turned their backs on the people’s interests for their own agendas. The robbing Peter to pay Paul mentality must stop. The people deserve better. It’s time to send a message to Trenton, Republican or Democrat, to do the right thing by voting them out. A term limits bill is in Congress. We should press our representatives to support U.S. term limits.

Carl Fischbach

Egg Harbor Township

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