Van Drew voice of sanity

Thank God we have a sane Congressman like Rep. Jeff Van Drew representing our district. He is the voice of sanity in a sea of clowns.

He has the backbone to stand up and do what’s right, even when his party goes totally off its nut. We all need to encourage him and pray for him as he will be attacked for doing what’s right.

Tom Szczepanski

Mays Landing

Van Drew betrays voters

I am 72 years old and still believe that elected officials should speak, work and vote on behalf of the people who voted them into office. They should serve the needs of the people, not their personal needs or thoughts. Unfortunately, most present politicians speak and vote strictly on behalf of their party, right or wrong.

The most recent impeachment vote had two Democrats who voted against the impeachment. Rep. Jeff Van Drew was one and this time he was wrong. Van Drew this time did not vote with his party.

But this time he is wrong. He betrayed his party to show what he thought about a poor impeachment process. This time he betrayed his constituents who voted for him. He was wrong with his vote and showed he does not understand we have a president who I believe breaks the law. Van Drew should not be elected again. He is a phony.

Herb Ostach


Van Drew true to word

I want to thank Congressman Jeff Van Drew for voting “no” on the impeachment inquiry in Congress. It’s all a sham, as President Trump has been saying for a while now.

The congressman is under a lot of pressure. He said he was going to vote no and he did, and I appreciate that.

Rocco Colucci

Sewell, Gloucester Township

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