Inquiry had to go public

Regarding the recent commentary by Betsy McCaughey, “Trump called Pelosi’s bluff and forced vote on House inquiry”:

Did anyone seriously believe that President Donald Trump was going to be investigated and impeached “in the dark ... behind closed doors” in “secret impeachment hearings,” as McCaughey suggested?

Impeachment would require a debate and a vote in the House and prompt a formal trial in the Senate. McCaughey makes cockamamie claims.

Dave Gruber

Mays Landing

Leftist Dems want power

Out of 234 Democrat congressmen in the House of Representatives voting for an impeachment inquiry of President Trump, only two showed themselves to understand the Constitution of the United States. The rest, in my opinion, are either insane, stupid or evil. I vote for all three.

The Democrat majority in the House appears to trend to far-left socialism. Yes, they have passed a few bills, which if you look closely, in my opinion, would have been seriously detrimental to America had not the Senate blocked them. In essence, they have not done anything, absolutely zilch, that would help Americans.

They appear, in my belief, to have a hatred of the president and the millions that support him. Their candidates for nomination to the presidency clutch a far-left socialist/communist goal in what I believe is their hope to destroy American society and implement their own agenda for total government power over every citizen of the United States of America.

Ron Hill

Egg Harbor City

Answers needed about Trump overthrow attempt

A timeline of attempts to stop President Trump from assuming that office or carrying it out didn’t start with the attempts to interfere with the Electoral College vote, nor the 2½ year Mueller investigation that produced a nothing-burger, or the present phone call whose transcript seems only to show a president engaging with his Ukrainian counterpart in conducting foreign affairs within his constitutional duties.

Part of the ongoing criminal investigation centers on probable abuse of the FISA Court, possible criminal activity involving the Department of Justice, CIA and FBI officials, and the Steele dossier, which may well have been created by collusion of U.S. State Department, British, Ukrainian and U.S. intelligence officials and then delivered and used in such a way as to propel these coup attempts forward.

The reports soon to be released must cause to be answered: How did the Democratic and parts of the Republican parties become instruments of what appears to have been a seriously dangerous coup attempt? Did Trump’s campaign pledges to stop regime-change wars or cooperate with Russia, China and others represent a mortal threat to the previous disastrous direction the nation was headed in?

Bruce Todd


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