Unfair attack ads failed in Galloway election

Why did Don Purdy headline so many negative flyers attacking the GOP council members in Galloway Township? Who paid for these mailers anyway? I doubt the money was coming from Galloway residents.

I have lived in the township since 1981 — 38 years, and don’t remember seeing this level of negativity in a council campaign. Because it was effective last time, the theme of attacking current council members based on Purdy was resurrected. I’m glad it wasn’t effective this time.

Whatever you might think about him, as mayor Don Purdy had a vision for Galloway Township. He was pursuing Amazon for the region. When he was mayor, the council sought constructive input from developers to find out why other towns attracted businesses, and made changes helpful to spur development and build the tax base with commercial and professional properties. And that council found a business to occupy the Lenox building that had been empty for years. It was becoming an eyesore and it was turned into a significant employer.

I attended Rev. Martin Bass’ funeral, and Mayor Purdy spoke there in a way that unified our community and gave well-deserved tribute to a great man. Purdy may have faults — no one is perfect — but those on council are not in any way directed by him.

Galloway is in good hands with a resident-centered vision to keep taxes low and provide cost-effective services. Good people like Tony Coppola, Rich Clute and Tony DiPietro were wrongly targeted by ugly, ill-informed, distorted, exaggerated negative ads.

Paul Raybould

Galloway Township

Van Drew vote shameful

My congressman, Rep. Jeff Van Drew’s vote against the impeachment inquiry is a shameful, embarrassing example of strategic thinking, geared toward political self-preservation. He seems to calculate that the 2nd Congressional District, one that went for President Trump in the 2016 election, will look with disfavor on him if he voted in favor of the inquiry. Perhaps he will tell us that he needs to know more about the president’s behavior and doesn’t want to be hasty.

I am a lifelong Democrat whose votes for Republicans since I was 18 could be counted on one hand. My late parents, Jerry and Peg Diehl, along with my older brother and I went door to door for the election of William Hughes in his first campaigns for Congress in the early ’70s because our recently deceased friend was honorable.

How can our congressman not see justification for an impeachment inquiry? Is he doing his constitutional duty to look the other way when several credible public servants attest to facts that support Trump’s enlisting the involvement of a foreign nation’s leadership in a matter related to upcoming elections? The vote did not require Van Drew to vote to impeach, only to further investigate wrongdoing that would warrant an impeachment. But it seems he doesn’t want to aggravate voters in his district who could threaten his long sought comfy seat on Capitol Hill.

I’ve written to Van Drew, directing his staff to remove me from the constant barrage of fundraising emails sent to build a war chest for his re-election. My vote and my contributions next election will go to a candidate who demonstrates integrity — Democrat, independent or Republican. Regardless of party affiliation, this great country needs officeholders who do the right thing, not the self-serving thing.

Edward Diehl

Ocean City

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