Fix A.C. beach access and crosswalk lights

As a part time resident of Atlantic City living in North Beach, I look forward to seeing the ocean every day. I also like to walk on the beach all year. My husband and I moved to 600 Nobe in August and have thoroughly enjoyed the city, but recently when I wanted to sit on the beach, I was unable to due to orange barriers. I could not find an access to the beach within a reasonable amount of blocks.

I am sure the visitors to Ocean Casino would enjoy sitting or walking on the beach on a semi warm day during any time of the year, but someone blocked us from the beach. Please consider opening one of those walkways to the beach in front of Ocean Casino so we can all enjoy that ocean. I know the walkway has beach erosion, but it had beach erosion all summer and it was open. Beach access is a universal public right and we should not be blocked from it.

Another item that also needs attention is the non-working pedestrian walk/don’t walk lights in North Beach. Since I moved here in August, the pedestrian light on the corner of Connecticut and Pacific has never worked. It is a gamble with your life every time you need to cross. I have also seen many of these walk/do not walk lights not working in North Beach. Please consider fixing them or turning them on.

Safety and beach access are a universal public right. Take the time and consideration to help make this city continue to travel in the right direction for residents and visitors.

Karen Friese

Atlantic City

Hypocrisy on tax returns

Do as I say, not as I do.

These words ring true to the 119 New Jersey state lawmakers who have demanded that President Trump turn over his federal and state tax returns for the last five years.

So when the Trenton bureau of the USA Today Network asked the 119 lawmakers to make their last five years of state and federal returns available for scrutiny, one would think these people would comply with the request.

Only two of those lawmakers, state Sen. Troy Singleton, D-Burlington, and Sen. Linda Greenstein, D-Middlesex, agreed to allow reporters to view their tax returns.

The other 117 state lawmakers demanding Trump’s returns did not agree to let the reporters view their returns. Are these lawmakers hiding something? Do some of them have questionable financial income that they don’t want revealed in the public domain?

Kudos to Singleton and Greenstein for complying. Shame on the 117 lawmakers who decided to decline the request.

David M. Levin


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