Unify A.C. behind Gilliam

Now that many people decided they wanted someone new as mayor of Atlantic City, I think everyone should get behind Mayor-elect Frank Gilliam so that he knows he has the support of all the people. I wish departing Mayor Donald Guardian the best, as well as our new mayor, state Sen.-elect Chris Brown and Gov.-elect Phil Murphy.

David Barsky

Atlantic City

Supports Youngblood

Donald Trump motivated thousands of women nationwide to run for office, empowering South Jersey Democratic women to win several races. Additional good news is 2nd District Rep. Frank LoBiondo’s announced retirement. His replacement must offer new leadership, putting families and their needs first.

Such a candidate is highly motivated and qualified Tanzie Youngblood, a retired teacher and widowed Blue Star mother, who announced in July that she would take on LoBiondo, not waiting for his retirement.

Immediately after his announcement, a power broker from outside the district endorsed state Sen. Jeff Van Drew and it seems likely he’ll run. Unfortunately, power brokers come with strings.

One of the most conservative Democrats in the state Legislature, Van Drew is a Democrat in Name Only, or DINO, with his out of the party mainstream votes. However, Democrats don’t want another LoBiondo in Congress.

Van Drew opposed raising the minimum wage, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, same sex marriage and raising the smoking age to 21, and proposed easier requirements for carrying a permitted handgun, sponsored a bill to bring back the death penalty and supported a natural gas pipeline through the pinelands.

The Democratic Party is moving to the left, especially among younger voters, and we mustn’t pass up this opportunity to be fully represented in Washington.

Bettie J. Reina