Van Drew must support impeachment inquiry

Rep. Jeff Van Drew needs to support the impeachment inquiry rather than ignoring his constitutional duties and national security of the United States. If President Trump withheld aid to a nation unless the leader of that country investigated a political opponent, as Democrats have alleged, that would be an impeachable offense and gross violation of national security. This matter should concern everyone regardless of political affiliation.

As a member of the House, Van Drew has ignored his most essential duties. Rather than holding Trump accountable, Van Drew would allow Trump to get away with these grotesque violations. Contrary to what he may believe, it is possible to support an impeachment inquiry while focusing on other issues.

While Van Drew may prefer no impeachment before the 2020 election and the possible removal of Trump from office in January 2021, I believe that it would be at the expense of the rule of law and national security. Trump is the largest threat to national security and should be impeached. If Van Drew doesn’t understand this threat, he should not be a congressman.

Maureen O’Shea


Dems seem like puppets

When I hear what seem like mantras chanted by Democrats in unison, that all immigrants are the same, that diversity is a boon, that no one is above the law, that what is taking place at the border is a manufactured crisis, that Trump is acting like a mafia boss, that an innocent phone call threatens national security — I know who the dummies are, but who is the ventriloquist?

Vincent Torlini

Atlantic City

Voting’s for self-sufficient

Regarding a recent cartoon that suggested Democrats typically want a list of progressive policies:

The cartoon depicts a couple in favor of the demands of progressive voters: free health care for all; free college tuition for all; Green New Deal; tax increases only on the rich; financial reparations for discrimination; and, last but not least, open borders.

In days long past, there was something called a poll tax. The poll tax limited participation in elections to those who had skin in the game. How is it fair for those who pay taxes to have voting by those who don’t? Obviously, those with no skin in the game vote for the passage of social measures paid for exclusively by those with skin in the game.

Voting should be the privilege of those whose blood, sweat and tears pay to keep America afloat. It shouldn’t be for layabouts or those who struggle with the English language and so cannot possibly understand the nuances of American policy.

Illegal interlopers have one main objective, which is not to get caught. By diluting the population, we dilute the uniquely American value system.

Those born here, who work, read and write in fluent English, and pay for their own housing, food and household costs have entirely different goals and aspirations.

Carole Christensen Lieff


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