Legal marijuana would damage shore tourism

Taxpayers in New Jersey should wake up and try to understand what is coming at the tourism industry and the property tax base.

Outside marijuana professionals want to open shop here in New Jersey, they have the know-how to influence, the skill to organize and the money to do so.

Many generational vacationers who often buy second homes and retire here in New Jersey may not like the change they see coming and decide to buy and retire in North Carolina or South Carolina. This would drive property values down here in New Jersey and negatively affect the very important property tax base.

What families with young children will stay at campgrounds in New Jersey or go to its beautiful beaches or boardwalks with banner planes flying overhead advertising recreational marijuana?

Where is the leadership that would give us a full and honest appraisal of the effect that the marijuana business will have on tourism and property tax base here in New Jersey?

I see a new kind of vacationer coming to our shore communities. They won’t need motels. They will find other places to stay, party and hang out and that will be problematic for law enforcement too.

Look at California and see what effect legislation of recreational marijuana has had there.

Gerald Reed


Football players vs. vets

Football season is well underway and the announcers use terms like the players are exhausted, in need of medical attention and the players are pushed to their limit.

Nov. 11th is Veterans Day. The matchup between a 19 year old soldier and a professional football player is dramatic. A football player has access to excellent physical training facilities, videos of every move made on the practice field and the game day (60 minutes) field. He has equipment that is specially sized for him and spare uniforms if needed. He has access to an equipment manager on the side line standing right next to the doctor, trainer and medical vehicle driver with an ambulance standing by a 100 yards away. He also has a multi-million dollar contract.

The 19 year old soldier is well trained for assignment. Once out in the field he has to rely on his fellow soldiers for everything he or she may need. He does not have immediate access to a trainer, doctor or med-evac. This could take hours or days depending on the location of the soldier. He does not have access to an equipment manager, he or she may wear the same set of clothes for days or even weeks at a time without bathing. If he did not carry an item he needed he has to do without it. But his or her buddies will share whatever they have with him. He has to carry all the food, ammunition, radio equipment and weapons that he may need for their mission. They have a game plan but the opposition does not always play by the rules. He does not have a million dollar contract but he and his family survive on minus minimum wage. And unlike the football player he stands for the National Anthem and kneels for his lost buddies.

However veterans may recognize Veterans Day, they do it knowing that when they were 19 years old or whatever age, they did their job.

Bill Davenport

Cape May Court House

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