Add healthy pickleball

According to a recent article, residents of Brigantine met with the mayor and city council asking for repairs to a skateboard park. Near the end of the article, there was a mention of also building pickleball courts in Brigantine.

It is my hope as a USA Pickleball Association volunteer that Brigantine will build courts for pickleball, which is a paddle game that can be enjoyed by all ages, especially active aging seniors. Pickleball is a great form of exercise and a very enjoyable social activity that promotes more than competition — it has many health benefits.

People who play one hour a day three days a week for six weeks improved blood pressure, cholesterol and cardio-respiratory levels. Participants usually get hooked on pickleball, helping them meet fitness goals and make new friends.

Playing pickleball is low cost — you only need a paddle and good court shoes as opposed to the cost of a round of golf.

My hope is that Mayor Andy Simpson will see that adding courts to Brigantine will help more citizens, young and old alike, keep active and healthy.

Ann Peterson


Right thing eventually

Loyalty can be an admirable quality. Blind loyalty is not.

I am loyal to my family and friends, but not to the point when I knew them to be wrong.

There is a saying that America can always be counted on to do the right thing, after they have exhausted all other possibilities. Let’s hope and pray that is still true.

Michael Santambrogio

Egg Harbor Township

Bacharach is a treasure

Recently, I was able to spend time at Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation in Pomona after knee replacement surgery. The physical and occupational therapy was just what the doctor ordered after such a painful and debilitating procedure. All of the nurses and aides were competent, and fulfilled their duties with aplomb. The therapists had many years of experience, and provided many tips for a successful transition from bed patient to a self-sufficient person again. And last, but by no means least, the recreational directors let me and others forget about our limitations for awhile.

I’m sure many others have had a most satisfying experience at Bacharach, a treasure in our own backyard. I hope they can keep up their good work for many years to come.

Veronica Boda


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