NJ needs new laws to cut plastic pollution

New Jersey’s excessive use of plastics has been causing irreparable damage to the Earth; we shouldn’t sit by idly and let it continue.

A recent study by the University of Newcastle, Australia, claims we’re likely consuming up to an entire credit card per week in microplastics. I’ve been seeing the alarming results from this study everywhere: in TV commercials, on social media sites and over the radio, but New Jersey seems to be doing very little to fix the problem, the state at large is acting as a passive bystander.

Implementing a single-use plastic ban everywhere in New Jersey is the next logical step in eliminating unnecessary plastic waste. I am confused as to why this isn’t yet statewide.

I am from California, so I have been witnessing the ban on single-use plastics take place there since 2014, and it has definitely been a beneficial change. Many people in California are now opting to use reusable bags for shopping and, since the ban on plastic straws began earlier this year, people are also choosing to carry reusable straws.

These aren’t difficult changes to make, but society has proven we need to be urged by new, sensible laws to make more environmentally sound choices. Lawmakers, and truly all of us, are far behind in taking Earth-saving actions.

I urge the New Jersey government to implement new laws to cut plastic pollution and do its part to reduce the negative effects plastic has on human health and the environment.

Elizabeth Gragg

Galloway Township

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