Climate scaring unhelpful

Regarding the recent story by meteorologist Joe Martucci, “How climate change is affecting Atlantic City”:

This climate change article just rubbed me the wrong way. The people in it are so convinced that we are going to be run over by coastal tides, they are obsessed with the “alarmist” approach. He’s even quoting a Dave Robinson, state climatologist, who claims the whole state of New Jersey is “warming.”

If true, exactly what do these people think they or their ridiculous friends at the Environmental Protection Agency are going to do about it? All they’re doing is scaring otherwise uninformed “sheeple” and we have enough of that going around these days.

Nobody is changing planetary evolution, and the scare tactics are getting old.

Pay them no mind.

Michael Tabasco


No longer back Van Drew

We’re disappointed with Rep. Jeff Van Drew’s work in Congress. With his most recent vote we have decided that we can no longer support him.

We hoped he’d have courage on the national stage. Sadly he has shown that he has become just another career politician attempting to burn the candle at both ends.

Family, friends and neighbors all agree we made a mistake voting for him and it won’t happen again. As much as it pains me, I should have voted for Seth Grossman. Lesson learned. Never again.

Glenn and Judy Dickens

Egg Harbor Township

Brown for environment

If more elected officials cared about the environment the same way that state Sen. Chris Brown does, and had the same conviction to make their policy decisions based on what’s good for the people, everyone would be better off.

That’s why it is no surprise to me Brown was honored by the most trusted grassroots environmental organization in New Jersey because he works hard in a bipartisan manner for the right reasons, in this case, for cleaner air and water and to help our families recover from storms and flooding.

Sen. Brown’s integrity, compassion and conviction will continue to provide the best results, on all issues, for Atlantic County families.

Victoria Smith

Egg Harbor Township

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