Backs Van Drew in 2nd

Growing up in school we are taught not to be a bully, to work with one another and to be respectful. Sadly over the years I have watched the highest leaders of this great nation do the exact opposite.

We need to start voting for good people that know how to work as a team. Whether it be for the city, the state or the country. This is why my family and I support state Sen. Jeff Van Drew. He has a very strong record of voting and fighting for what is right for people he represents. He also has the reputation of being able to work on issues with Democrats as well as Republicans.

Van Drew answers the people he represents. He might not always be able to deliver exactly what they want, but I know for sure he would fight for us in New Jersey. We are only hurting ourselves with this nonsense of you have to be one side or the other. We are all on the same team it’s called United States of America.

My family and I are absolutely proud to be Americans, but I am not proud of some of the behavior that I see, especially in Washington, D.C. I believe whole heartedly that Van Drew can and will make a difference in Congress.

Noel Dhyne


Supports Grossman in 2nd

Seth Grossman has long been a relentless fighter for pro-American, pro-constitutional issues and has earned my vote for Congress. Of utmost importance to me and my family are his positions on actual matters of life and death.

He believes in the constitutionally protected right of self-defense, and has affirmed that law-abiding citizens should be allowed to legally carry concealed firearms to protect innocent life. In New Jersey it is almost impossible to obtain a CCW permit thanks to the Democrats, who apparently prefer defenseless victims over self-reliant citizens. We must circumvent them by passing national CCW reciprocity legislation, which Grossman strongly supports.

Van Drew claims to be pro-Second Amendment, but in June he voted for knee-jerk anti-gun bills that are now law. He has said he sticks with his party. What happens if he gets an opportunity to vote on a reciprocity bill in Congress? I think we know the answer.

Disregard for the protection of innocent life is a hallmark of today’s Democrats. Van Drew has earned a 100 percent rating from Planned Parenthood — the biggest provider of abortions in America. Shameful! See the new movie “Gosnell” for a glimpse inside the culture of death and evil that is the abortion industry.

My life, my family’s lives and the lives of the innocent — born and unborn — deserve to be protected. Seth Grossman is pro-life and pro-liberty and the only choice in this race for persons of conscience.

Charles Fischer

Galloway Township

GOP for border control

When it comes to immigration, most citizens have a view. These views stretch from no entry to all entry and everything in between. These views are fueled by desires that range from taking responsibility for everyone on Earth to only caring about the prosperity of America and everything in between. I think it is fare to say most citizens are somewhere in between.

The fact is citizens really don’t make these decisions, their elected politicians do. Their only input is voting. Based on the last two years in Washington, if people think we need to try and get a handle on who is sharing the country with us, the only shot they have is if Republicans maintain their majority. People should keep that in mind when they vote. The Democrats don’t want this to change, no matter what they say.

Joseph Gundy

Mays Landing

Backs Grossman, Hugin

To see the dramatic and extreme move to the left by the Democrat Party is very disturbing. Mob mentality, disrespect of opposing points of view and distortion of facts seems part of the plan by some to gain control of both houses of Congress in November.

Their social platform sounds wonderful but how does a responsible Congress balance the budget without realizing huge increases to the national debt? An honest bipartisan effort can achieve balance if petty politics and lobbying are set aside.

Of the money the federal government collects from New Jersey, only 70 percent is returned for infrastucture and other state programs. U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez’s 20-plus years in Congress have not improved life for the citizens of New Jersey.

Bob Hugin, an independent Republican candidate, will help return economic prosperity to our state.

State Sen. Jeff Van Drew typically votes the party line in Trenton and would do the same in Congress to our detriment.

Seth Grossman, a strong voice for us, will work for job creation, fiscal responsibility and to uphold the tenets of the Constitution. He will represent all of us in Congress.

Gail Zona


For Van Drew for Congress

Whenever we talk about the country’s problems and politics, my son-in-law always ends our discussion with the admonition to just follow the money. Unfortunately, due to the U.S. Supreme Court, money has indeed become the cancer to the country’s health.

The flow of cash to political campaigns since organizations were deemed to have speech rights like people has raised the power of those holding political office. They control the public purse.

My solution to this very real threat to democracy is term limits. I believe voters should not align themselves with a political party. Instead, before voting, people should check the party affiliation of the officeholder and vote for his or her opponent.

My vote for House of Representatives is state Sen. Jeff Van Drew because the previous officeholder was a Republican.

Ed Dean

Somers Point

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