Whelan was hero of A.C.

The latest mayoral nonsense really reminds us all of what a true hero the late Jim Whelan was for Atlantic City. Lifeguard, teacher, swim coach, state senator, husband, father and home-grown devoted mayor like Atlantic City hasn’t seen before or since.

Rick Lascheid


Booker not doing his job

Every week, I read “How your lawmakers voted.” And recently, every week, Cory Booker has been listed as “not voting.” I believe the people of this state voted for him to represent us in the Senate to look out for our best interests. I do not see this happening here.

I know he is out because he is a president wannabe. That is his choice. I am not happy with this. He should either be here to vote on issues, or resign so someone else can.

I bet he is still accepting his pay, health insurance and retirement time is being accrued. I think if he continues to be absent from his position, he should at least take a sabbatical and not accept pay and benefits.

Taxpayers wonder why it is so expensive to live in New Jersey. Positions where people do not work is one reason.

Eileen Kusnirik

Egg Harbor Township

Treat, release stray cats

I have been a volunteer supporting the humane treatment and adoption of the stray cat population in Atlantic County for many years. It saddens me that so many stray community cats taken to the Atlantic County Animal Shelter are euthanized every year. According to the New Jersey Department of Health statistics (which are taken directly from shelter reports) 998 cats were killed in the shelter in 2018. The shelter is consistently near the top of the list of all New Jersey counties for cats killed year to year.

Trap-neuter-vaccinate-return, or TNVR, should be practiced in Atlantic County to reduce killing stray cats. The counties with the lowest shelter euthanasia rate do TNVR, and animal control officers are helping. Trap and euthanize is inhumane and outdated. The public needs to be educated that TNVR is good for communities. Fed and cared-for cats are healthy, and the noise and odors associated with male cats and mating are eliminated, and new cats are less likely to move into areas with maintained colonies of stray cats. The reproduction cycle is reduced. It’s a win-win for the cats and the communities.

I’m certain that there are many people like myself who do not want their tax dollars going to what I consider the inhumane practice of euthanizing cats in the county shelter. County leaders should set policies that stop the practice.

Linda Gordon


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