Level accommodations with same taxes for all

As a manager of a mom and pop motel in Wildwood Crest, I would like to know why it is OK for us to be burdened with the 14 percent accommodation taxes that we have to impose on our guests, but not for people with condo or private home rentals.

We have been at a disadvantage for years. People who once were our guests now join with a second family and rent large homes or condos and are exempt from the taxes we are forced to charge our guests. We also have to supply linens and maid service.

These owners may not like it, but it levels the playing field if everyone pays the same taxes.

Catherine Regalbuto

Wildwood Crest

Environmental rights for economy, public health

Regarding the recent editorial, “Ill-defined environmental rights would be NJ litigation nightmare”:

A New Jersey Green Amendment would recognize the inalienable right to clean water, clean air and a healthy environment, and protect these rights the same way our rights to speech, property, guns and due process are protected.

There will not be an onslaught of frivolous litigation; attorneys are bound by legal standards and ethical rules that protect against unfounded legal challenges. Litigation that does result will be for the protection of people whose health and safety are at risk because their government failed to prevent unjustified and avoidable environmental harm.

The proposed amendment provides the same detail used to protect other inalienable rights. The N.J. Supreme Court is legally equipped to define and protect environmental rights. Pennsylvania’s and Montana’s supreme courts have effectively interpreted and applied similar language; why would New Jersey’s justices be less capable?

New Jersey environmental laws are not fully protective. Two-thirds of the state’s public water systems are contaminated with perfluorinated chemicals known to cause developmental delays in children and cancer. Families in 11 of the 21 counties are breathing air so polluted the American Lung Association gave them an “F” rating. Ten thousand state and 114 federal hazardous sites threaten health and property values in the state. These conditions exist despite current laws.

Environmental protection already provides $20 billion a year of economic value — these benefits would continue and grow.

Protecting the right to clean water, clean air and a healthy environment regardless of race, income or location is what New Jersey needs.

Maya K. van Rossum

Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

The Delaware Riverkeeper

Troubling for democracy

President Donald Trump represents the working and taxpaying citizens of the United States and in just two years has brought the country back to the respect around the world we had before President Barrack Obama, who took office in 2008.

The deep state is playing with fire and may get burnt. To get rid of a duly elected president of the United States, other than at the ballot box, may just trigger a revolution such as that in Russia in 1917. This citizen is fed up.

Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi are throwing monkey wrenches in the cogs of America’s progress on democracy. In the United States, two parties are supposed to run the country. However, when the Democratic Party allows people among left-wing radicals to infect their party, they are no longer relevant.

Thomas McGregor Jr.

Egg Harbor City

Make Congress participate in social welfare programs

In a recent letter, “Liberals help middle class,” the writer stated that we conservatives should thank liberals for Social Security. She goes on to praise certain Democrat presidents such as Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson for establishing and then saving Social Security from Republicans.

Had she researched the facts she would realize just how wrong her argument is.

Roosevelt’s original Social Security system exempted many occupations from the mandate to participate, but Democrats changed that. Johnson did the most damage to it by being the first president to borrow from its trust fund so the money could be used for other purposes. Yet Democrats blame the Republicans.

Social Security would be the best retirement plan ever if the only ones who could collect it were those who contributed to it. That is of course if the funds collected were properly invested, and funds collected from those who died before they could collect distributed to survivors.

Funny how we always hear of Social Security running out of money but never hear of welfare going broke. Social Security and even the health-care system would work perfectly if they were forced on the Congress.

Tony Perry

Egg Harbor Township

See Tennessee Ave. yourself

Regarding the recent story, “Can Atlantic City’s ‘dead zone’ be transformed into a millennial hotspot?”:

There are many great things happening in Atlantic City, including the redevelopment of Tennessee Avenue. Personally, I have spent a lot of time on the street over the past few months and have had nothing but wonderful experiences.

That’s why I was very discouraged by this article regarding Tennessee Avenue and attracting millennials. It conveyed little positivity about the street’s redevelopment.

Young or old, people should visit Tennessee Avenue, or the “Orange Loop” as it’s been dubbed, and see the businesses and the resurgence of the street for themselves.

I bet all my Monopoly money that they would have a great time.

Jamie Hoagland

Atlantic City

High-cost global-warming solutions unwarranted

Regarding the recent Press editorial, “Most alarming climate predictions may not be most effective”:

The editorial regarding climate change was right on target. Too often public policy discussions are argued at the margins: One side warns about the worst case while the other the least case and little talk of the most likely outcome.

Certainly the world is warming, as it has many times in its long history, and today there is undoubtedly a human component. It is possible that even if we could eliminate carbon dioxide emissions that the warming trend could not be stopped because of other factors beyond our control.

So, high cost solutions are not warranted. We should take all prudent actions. We could even have another mini ice age before the catastrophic predictions of global warming occur.

Hank Page

Sea Isle City

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