Find Harborfields option

Harborfields Juvenile Detention Facility has an average of about two dozen cars a day in its parking lot. The facility just completed what looks to be a new enclosure, probably costing a lot, for what is usually an inmate population of no more than four prisoners, according to Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson.

I think this is such a blatant waste of money and Atlantic County politicians should find a less costly way to handle juvenile defendants.

Dan Histon

Egg Harbor City

Disappointed in Van Drew

I’m very disappointed in Rep. Jeff Van Drew’s vote against the impeachment inquiry resolution.

I tried to tell him this on his website, but I couldn’t get it to accept my communication since I am not a resident of his district, New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District.

Maybe he doesn’t want to hear from me because I’m not in his district. Yet I get constant pleas for campaign contributions.

Gloria Krolak


Union endorsement wrong

As a local 3596 AFSCME union member, I could not believe that the union president took it upon himself to endorse the Democratic candidates for Cape May County Board of Chosen Freeholders. For as long as I’ve worked for the county, Gerald Thornton has supported county employees and treated them with respect.

Many members said they didn’t agree with the president alone deciding the whole union would endorse the Democratic candidates.

Mary Tirotta

North Wildwood

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