A.C. diversity can build a showcase of cultures

As a lifetime resident of Absecon Island and retired council representative from the United Brotherhood of Carpenters Local 623/255 in Atlantic City, I have seen many ups and downs in the city, affecting my career and the careers of thousands of others.

From the time casinos began operating in Atlantic City there has never been a willingness to change. From casino operators to politicians to regular citizens like myself. As long as the casino market was hot everything was good. Our bellies were full and the money was flowing!

Thank goodness there has been change recently, but there needs to be much more.

I believe Atlantic City’s future success depends on the diversity of its people. Both of my kids graduated from Atlantic City High School. While they were there, if I recall correctly, there were 37 languages spoken by its student population.

For the life of me I could never understand why the diversity of the city’s people was never used in such a way to show the rest of the world what we have in our residents. Imagine using Atlantic Avenue from one end to the other as hot spots for different continents. Ducktown thank goodness has moved in that general direction. I did discuss this with a former politician in Atlantic City who told me that would be segregation. What! That’s the kind of thinking that keeps Atlantic City from moving forward. Look at other metropolitan cities. Chinatown? Little Italy?

Today’s young crowd is looking for something new and different. A showcase of different cultures may be the ticket. Atlantic City needs to use the resources it has in its people and then the city will flourish with some outside help like what’s happening at the Orange Loop. Atlantic City needs to constantly cultivate that younger crowd.

I still have high hopes for Atlantic City’s sustained recovery. I think the city may look very different in five to 10 years. I can feel it. Can you?

Rob Boyce

Mays Landing

Charitable without politics

Regarding the recent letter, “Politically linked help”:

I read with interest this letter quoting the Gospel and the writer’s minister presenting “God’s word” in current-day perspectives concerning ways to assist the “poor and needy” in society. Although initially impressed with this example of moral rectitude, in reading further he added contributing to the re-election of President Trump would greatly magnify his contribution in helping underprivileged Americans willing to work and those in need of a hand up. If only this rang true the country would surely be better off.

Unfortunately, we have a man at the pinnacle of government power with questionable probity at best and an unseemly past who routinely acts to further divide an already conflicted nation. Inventing ways to attack anyone, on the right, left or middle of the political spectrum questioning his authority or actions is clearly antithetical to any president’s ability to magnify charitable giving.

A more appropriate, morally sound decision may be for someone to give directly to a favorite, well-vetted charity and allow them to help the needy without a political tint to their benevolence.

Frank “Rue” Tamru

Mays Landing

Foles gone, all Wentz now

David Weinberg, get over it! Carson Wentz is the franchise quarterback for the Eagles. Nick Foles is not coming back. If you want to worship at the altar of St. Nick, move to Jacksonville.

Barbara Clark

Egg Harbor Township

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