NFL kneeling must end

Once again, the commissioner of the NFL has no backbone to make the right decision and have the players stand for the national anthem. He’s afraid of the players.

Now, let’s look at this from the beginning. Colin Kaepernick brought a personal vendetta against all police officers and disrespect for the country into one of the greatest sports of all time. I do agree with him on part of his vision, and I’m not saying it doesn’t exist in the country today.

The National Football League was not the place to bring all of this. Football is to be enjoyed and people just want to relax and watch good football contested by players who are very good.

Now as far as President Trump and what he said, I don’t mind him voicing his opinion, but he should have said it more presidentially. So I can see the players getting upset; however, to be still kneeling during the anthem is silly. It looks like the players are showing the fans that they don’t care about them. The players look like million-dollar children who can’t get their way. Keep it up and it will destroy the NFL.

Joseph Geralis

Egg Harbor Township

Sandy flooded A.C. too

Regarding the letter on Oct. 7 “Margate needs pumps”:

The letter writer states Margate homes were flooded during Hurricane Sandy while those in Atlantic City stayed dry as a bone.

We live in Atlantic City and we had 37 inches of water in our basement from Sandy, and so did all our neighbors. We stayed with family in Margate during the hurricane and they didn’t get any flooding and neither did their surrounding neighborhood.

Anyone traveling the streets of Atlantic City after Sandy would have seen block after block stacked with possessions at the curb ruined by Sandy. In fact, it was at least a month or so before everything was picked up because there were mountains of trash.

It took months for everyone to dry out their basements and replace all the appliances that were lost. So we weren’t dry as a bone.

Nancy LaBarre

Atlantic City

A right to kneel in protest

In regards to the Oct. 21 letter, “Kneeling sign of respect”:

When President and Mrs. Obama visited the Queen of England last year, they did not kneel in her presence. Rather, they made a bow and a curtsey in a sign of respect. That could not be construed as kneeling.

When Catholics kneel in church, it’s a sign of adoration to God.

When the NFL players decided they wanted to adopt the cause of Black Lives Matter and fighting police brutality, they decided that instead of standing, with hands over heart, they would kneel for the entire anthem.

That was a conscious decision on their part to show protest. They surely are not kneeling in prayer, but out of protest.

That’s just the way it is.

A lot of people disagree with that. But that’s their right too.

Dolores H. O’Dowd