Make candidates disclose

Elections matter because the winners will be passing the laws that create the environment in which we live as a society. Those laws should benefit some but do no harm to the rest. Unfortunately, our two political parties are serving themselves rather than the people who elected them. The money and perks are more generous for winners. Like Lazarus, we’re getting the crumbs while our representatives party.

I believe we should fight for a law that would require full disclosure of all money and perks which an individual elected official receives, as well as the political organization to which he or she belongs. People should ask whoever they intend to vote for if they would push for such a law. I believe such a law would eliminate legislative log jams, which is our current situation for passing meaningful laws.

If they do not promise to do so for any reason, people shouldn’t vote for that candidate. If no candidate will do so, people should vote for themselves and take the law into their own hands.

Ed Dean

Somers Point

Backs Galloway incumbents

I have read a lot lately about the issue of taxes in Galloway Township and as an Independent voter I would like to air some data.

Yes our taxes are high, but a couple of simple facts: The municipal tax rate has decreased since 2015, from 0.673 to 0.617 in 2019. School taxes comprise over 60% of the property tax rate.

We need to hear from candidates who are concerned about taxes and what they will do to lower the tax rate. Fact is, the township is doing its part.

Bob Mueller

Galloway Township

Backs Chau in Northfield

Northfield and Mayor Erland Chau never accepted defeat and never quit, lines in the U.S. Army Soldier’s Creed, during their three-year struggle to obtain a pair of covered bus shelters. While the bus shelters are available for use by the general public, they are critically important to veterans seeking to use the services at the Northfield Veterans Administration Clinic.

To many of us, transportation seems to be a small barrier; however, for some veterans it is the cornerstone determining whether or not they obtain the health care services they need and have earned.

Northfield has established itself as an unfaltering partner of the Veterans Administration Clinic located there. Northfield’s support to veterans and to the Wilmington VA Medical Center, where I am equal employment opportunity manager, has proven to be just a phone call away, not just in pursuing this project, but with numerous projects and events designed to enhance veterans’ quality of life.

This effort has not gone unnoticed by our veterans. One New Jersey veteran said Chau has been a great supporter of the veteran community. Another said the strong partnership between Chau and the VA enabled care for veterans.

New Jersey state grants provided the funds to build these bus shelters; however, it was the initiative and the drive of the city of Northfield that pushed this project through to completion. For their effort, veterans and their supporters owe Chau and Northfield their gratitude.

Don Bohn

Wilmington, Delaware

Don’t need holiday scares

It’s a Halloween kind of world. Tattoos galore, pierced ears and nose, dressed up for all to comment. The brightly colored leaves and mums galore remind us autumn’s in full bloom. Actually, who needs Halloween to put on a costume when we “costumize” all year long. The more tattoos, the better.

Now our fantasies become reality. And who gives a hoot, no one hollers.

However, Washington big wigs are whooping and hollering day in and day out. Label it liberalism.

Don’t need a mask or to don a big black hat to make a masquerade.

Used to be witches poked fun with their elongated fingers. Now it seems everyone’s pointing fingers at everyone else. When did it all begin and will it ever end?

Seems a shame we’ve become creatures of funny takes and political puns, perhaps more than a little out of control and with little or no respect for truth or the fine line of journalism.

You don’t need a Yale or Harvard degree to nod your head on TV and call yourself the media.

Does the audience believe? Or think?

Too much of anything is too much. Entertainment for the frivolous, with no moral.

Dolores M. Hall


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