Many earn right to vote

Regarding the recent letter, “Voting’s for self-sufficient”:

The author writes, “Voting should be the privilege of those whose blood, sweat and tears pay to keep America afloat.” She then refers to “layabouts” and to people who don’t speak fluent English.

She also refers to an ancient poll tax, which I am sure was thought up by rich self-servers, then abolished by clear-thinking lawmakers.

Might I remind the writer of the Statue of Liberty. Apparently she hasn’t worked for years alongside hard-working, tax paying, law-abiding limited English speaking people who do understand the “nuances of American policy.”

She must have no idea of one of our local unions, which represents hundreds of employees from all over the world, who are very involved in the union and all that it stands for.

If it weren’t for our ancestors, we now wouldn’t have the freedoms we enjoy and work hard to maintain. The good people I work with have children they send to school (and speak English) to continue on the legacy of our forefathers, who happened to come from an English speaking country. They earn the right every day to vote.

The writer also implies that anyone on assistance of any kind should be ineligible to vote. Those who live here illegally cannot vote, and would not vote anyway. I wonder where her ancestors came from?

Denise Rochford

Egg Harbor Township

End private health plans, require employee raises

Medicare for all will remain a pipe dream unless folks with employer-based health insurance are willing to give up their coverage. It should be noted that many of those employees are paying for the employer-subsidized portion indirectly by sacrificing a portion of their wages. Employers calculate salary in conjunction with any benefits they may offer.

Any comprehensive Medicare-for-all plan should include a stipulation that employers must quantify consequential reduced labor costs, minus tax advantages, accrued by not having to subsidize their employee’s health coverage; then include that amount in each employee’s pay check.

Logically, Medicare for all provides overall savings since profits would be eliminated and administrative costs might be reduced. Progressive tax assessments would replace premiums. I think it would be a win-win for the middle class.

Lawrence Uniglicht

Galloway Township

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