Rich should raise wages

The seemingly noble endeavor of billionaires joining the “Giving Pledge” seems to be a wonderful egalitarian effort on their part. May I ask, given the apparent income inequality in the country and the stagnating wages of the working man and woman, why the corporate leaders that are on this list do not do the following instead of pledging the vast majority of their wealth to charity upon their deaths:

1. Make a pledge to immediately raise the wages of the lowest waged workers in their employ by 20%. 2. Make a pledge to raise the middle level earners in their companies by 10%. 3. Have them stand up and challenge other corporate tycoons to join them in this endeavor to try to lift the lives of the working man while they are still alive.

This to me would possibly have a trickle up effect on the wages of many more Americans as it would pressure other corporations to follow suit. This also seems to me to be a better way of equalizing the wage disparities in the country then redistribution of wealth through taxation.

John Regina


Invest in esports for A.C.

Atlantic City should invest in esports. As a fast-growing market, esports will undoubtedly help boost the economy of Atlantic City.

The esports revenue in North America is expected to double by 2020 with an estimated revenue of $1.48 billion in the U.S. alone. Forms of revenue will include in-person attendance, sponsorships and hundreds of thousands of online viewers who will attract big-budget advertisers.

Recently, a multi-day esports event in Poland drew over 173,000 fans, which is a larger audience than what would be found at a football stadium. I believe between its many casinos and event venues, Atlantic City would also be capable of hosting great esports events.

As someone who has spent time in Brigantine every summer since I was a young child (and now a student at Stockton), I feel Atlantic City is lacking for those under 21. Having esports events would change that. These events would allow teenagers and children to feel more invested in the city.

It is projected that by 2021, esports will have higher viewership numbers than the NBA and MLB. This industry and its fans consist of an audience yet to be drawn into Atlantic City. Why let those young kids spend all their time in Brigantine when they could be in Atlantic City?

Kids aren’t the only esports fans. Reports have shown that the average age of esports fans ranges from 18 to 35. This is an opportunity that Atlantic City cannot afford to waste. It’s time to embrace esports. Citizens of New Jersey should work to make the idea a reality.

Zachary Lill

Galloway Township

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