Don’t restrict abortions

As a woman in my 20s, I expect that the choices regarding my body should be made by myself. The same applies to other women, especially when it comes to their reproductive rights. Whether they would want to keep a pregnancy or not, that decision should be left with them.

Fortunately, New Jersey has open resources that allow women to make that decision for themselves. I believe that these rights should be protected by law.

Recently, there has been a rise of restricting laws, which include the heartbeat bill in states like Georgia or Alabama. This law does not allow women to get an abortion after a heartbeat on the fetus has been detected. This is five to six weeks into conception, which is not enough time for people to realize they’re pregnant.

There are currently 10 states that protect the rights to have an abortion for the duration of the pregnancy. Protecting unrestricted abortion rights is imperative since there are cases like one in Texas in which a couple was not able to get their stillborn baby out because it would be considered an abortion. We should let people have the choice to decide what is best for them.

I am not questioning anyone’s beliefs, but I believe religion should stay out of how the government works. If you don’t believe in abortion, it does not mean that everyone else has to follow your beliefs. By creating laws that protect these rights, we’re not only ensuring the rights of women now but also to women of years to pass.

Marrianne Obispo

Mays Landing

Skeptical of change in A.C.

Frank Gilliam is out, Marty Small Sr. is in. Does this mean Atlantic City will no longer have a thug-council form of government? We shall see.

John Chesarek

Leeds Point

Look at sale of A.C. water

Taxpayers should look into selling their Atlantic City water department. It should benefit the taxpayers, not the local government.

Our rates keep going up and they will continue to due to government regulations, infrastructure upgrades and such.

It costs nothing to have a study done on the benefits of selling the water department. City officials should call the adviser such as the one named in a recent story, and not try to figure out the logistics of conducting such a sale, unless they want to make another money grab.

It’s time to change. We need to lower costs and taxes.

Daniel Reith

Atlantic City

Trump distracts public

If there is negative or embarrassing news concerning the White House that the American people should know, a tweet is born. The tweet is then discussed endlessly and the real news is lost in the tweetstorm.

If the president vetoes a bipartisan bill that would have limited the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia, which has bombed hospitals, schools and funerals during its war with Yemen, another tweet is spewed to deflect attention; the more outrageous the better.

The media and the public have been conditioned to talk about and dissect the tweet while ignoring what’s going on.

Distraction tactics are being used to manipulate us. The old expression was where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Now it’s “where there are tweets, beware. The real story is right behind the curtain.”

Suzanne Marx

Mays Landing

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