Trump breaks office oath

I have seen many opinions stated in letters in regard to the impeachment process. My concern is that I believe many people feel this is a political issue. But we have to look beyond that.

When President Donald Trump took the oath of office, he solemnly swore to faithfully execute the office of president of the United States and to the best of his ability preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. These words are the essence of the presidency. He is not doing so.

He doesn’t think that the emoluments clause applies to his businesses. He is brazen to say that China and the Ukraine should investigate American officials.

This is not about politics. This is about Trump not holding to his oath of office. If he is not impeached and removed from office, this would set a precedent for future presidents to follow suit, whether Democrat or Republican. People should read the Constitution, written by the forefathers who so thoughtfully provided the law of this land. It is powerful and executed so brilliantly.

Beth Mastalski

Egg Harbor Township

Trump blocking Dems’ socialist/globalist agenda

Let’s be honest, the Democratic Party of today is not the Democratic Party of John F. Kennedy or even Jimmy Carter. Both were patriots who served in World War II and loved America, its founding values and Constitution, regardless of how people felt about their policies.

The party today includes globalists, socialist/Marxists, communists and Islamists who despise what America stands for and even think it is evil. They jettisoned God and prayer at their national convention. They revise history to highlight the blemishes while ignoring the tremendous good. They tear down historical monuments ignoring historical context. They divide groups against each other via identity politics based on race, gender identity, sexual preference.

They seem to care more about illegal immigrants than citizens and veterans in need.

Many of the current candidates are for open borders, sanctuary cities and states, abortion on demand even up to birth, and “free” health care, college and forgiveness of student loans, even for illegal immigrants. Yet nothing is free.

Some are for reparations, doing away with immigration enforcement and homeland security, disarming police officers, closing or emptying prisons while working to make it almost impossible for law-abiding citizens to purchase a firearm under their 2nd Amendment right.

The “new green deal” would ultimately see the end of all fossil fuels, refitting every building to “green” standards, do away with air travel and automobiles and purportedly only allow wind and solar as a means of powering this nation. It would set us back 100 years, cost millions of jobs and ultimately bankrupt the nation.

It should be clear that this is about gaining and retaining power — keeping a dependent class of voters under their thumb. They are continuing President Obama’s promise to fundamentally transform America from the great capitalist republic of the Founders to a globalist/socialist state with no distinct sovereignty or culture.

Like him or not, only President Trump stands in their way, and they are doing their best with the help of the deep state and media to destroy him.

Dan McNeill

North Cape May

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