Ocean City should revisit failed $9M lot purchase

The group Fairness in Taxes managed to squelch the land acquisition plan of Ocean City officials. I wonder how these monitors of how our tax dollars are allotted rationalized delaying and perhaps stopping the city’s attempt to retain a little open space on the already crowded island. Now what amounts to a mini housing development might be built.

I’m not pleased with the posture of the seller that the terms were non-negotiable, but ownership is power; they can do what they please. The infrastructure issues if additional high density housing were built on this island would be quite significant — police, fire, schools, roads etc.

I had hoped this issue could be worked out amicably. Fairness in Taxes complains about taxation here in Ocean City. This acquisition issue needs to be revisited.

Jim McManus

Ocean City

Making the best of 80

As I turn 80, I reflect that longevity can either be good or bad. It’s a long road — some have been paved with gold, others pebbles.

Many at this age have not blown out their last candle on their birthday cake, many have with a twinkle in their eye and a smile on their face. Such is life.

Our lives are governed by God’s book, not humans’. We are all predestined. The best we can do is follow the Golden Rule and count each day as a blessing when we open our eyes and be grateful.

Life is a mystery, and so is death. Either we make the best of it, or not.

I have many regrets and many years of happiness. I cannot predict the future, but it is waiting for all of us to awaken and begin anew.

Marilyn Hernberg


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