Congress should reject

•ew trade agreement

What has happened to our democratic government when we let the president sign away our rights? The Trans-Pacific Partnership would affect our daily lives by allowing tainted or uninspected foreign foods or harmful, foreign-made products into our country.

As consumers, we have the right through our representatives to approve or reject this treaty. It shouldn't be up to the big corporations who only care about profits without regard to the safety and well-being of all citizens.

Let's tell our representatives and senators to vote no on this agreement. We don't want to repeat past mistakes, nor do we want to risk any more lives.


Atlantic City

CRDA doesn't need

Birnbaum home

Regarding the Nov. 18 story, "Judge: House goes to CRDA":

Thank goodness for the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. In this time of closing casinos, it is doing its utmost for the city by taking away Charlie Birnbaum's family home.

And the CRDA is taking it away for ... well, it won't tell us exactly. To rebuild the inlet? To make room for housing for all the thousands of people who want to live in Atlantic City? Like casino workers? Oops.

Whatever the CRDA is planning, a blight of closed casinos on the Boardwalk should be far more important than taking Birnbaum's home. The CRDA will lay waste to the area and begin building ... sometime.

Leave Charlie alone. Surely there is room elsewhere to start whatever it is the CRDA wants to do.



Fiocchi: I'm proud

of fighting for pipeline

Regarding the Nov. 19 story, "Panel continues Fiocchi ethics complaint":

I would like to set the record straight about an attempt by members of a special-interest group to stop me from speaking out in favor of the B.L. England pipeline. I strongly support this project. South Jersey needs good-paying jobs and economic development. In addition, the pipeline will provide a safe and clean energy source for more than 100,000 residents in the southern part of the state.

As a state legislator representing Cumberland, Cape May and Atlantic counties, I make no apologies for communicating with my constituents about the importance of this project to our region and urging them to make their voices heard.

Apparently, special interests opposed to the pipeline have decided that dragging my name through the mud should be part of their last-ditch effort to block job creation in South Jersey. They have filed a politically motivated ethics complaint against me because I sent a letter supporting the project to my constituents. As your representative, it is my job to keep you informed. I won't apologize for it.

Moreover, I won't let special-interest groups intimidate me. I look forward to the next ethics committee hearing and a total rejection of their bogus accusations.



R-Cape May, Cumberland, Atlantic


There's no moral case

for relying on fossil fuels

Regarding the Nov. 21 column by Alex Epstein, "The moral case for fossil fuels":

It is hard to even know where to start. A third-grader could poke holes in this nonsensical piece written by a philosophy major who founded a "think-tank" and does "consulting" for the fossil-fuel industry.

Yes, fossil fuels have made our lives remarkably better over the past couple centuries. However, the amount of greenhouse gases that come from the burning of fossil fuels has reached a point of unsustainability and must be reduced.

There is no debate. It is our moral obligation to protect the Earth for future generations.

There is nothing morally correct about continuing to do things that harm our planet despite constant pleas from scientists and engineers. It does not take a philosophy degree to understand that.


Galloway Township

Now we know truth

about Obamacare

The main architect of Obamacare, Jonathan Gruber, has now admitted that his bill was deliberately made obscure and deceptive. In other words, it was based on a pack of lies

Why? So the stupid Democrats and their clueless supporters would pass this bill. And what was more stupid than Nancy Pelosi exclaiming in 2010 that we have to pass this bill in order to find out what's in it?

At least we know who the stupid party is.


Little Egg Harbor Township

Let us pray and heal

after synagogue attack

Regarding the Nov. 18 terror attack that left five dead, including four rabbis, in the Har Nof synagogue in Jerusalem:

Our Jewish heritage teaches us to turn things over again and again to understand them and to learn from them. In allowing time to collect my thoughts and to consider this violent tragedy, I find that I cannot escape the irreparable rending of the universal fabric of our collective spirituality.

When the two disturbed men filled with hate entered this synagogue, their act of terror, as horrific as it was, was infinitely augmented by the fact that it was perpetrated upon innocent people whose lives were devoted to the healing of others and the perfection of our world, as well as the fact that it occurred in a place where people convene to bridge the gap between human beings and the divine.

As human beings, we are outraged and disturbed and saddened; we demand justice and succumb to anger. As Jewish spiritual leaders, however, we are even more devoted to our path of healing. We see evil in the world and wish to blot it out with God's love. We see brokenness and terror and disturbance and seek to channel divine harmony.

We ask for prayers for the families and loved ones of the victims so that they may begin the process of healing from this horrific event. We keep in our hearts and pray for a speedy and complete healing for those still suffering from the wounds, physical and psychological, imposed upon them by the twisted will of two men.

May the mourners be comforted, may those in need of healing be made whole, and may we all remember how precious is each life and each moment, especially those spent in spiritual reflection and in community.



South Jersey Board of Rabbis and Cantors


Rabbi Gerald R. Fox is spiritual leader of Temple Beth Shalom in Brigantine.

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