Counties should help stop Grewal order against ICE

This past year, state Attorney General Gurbir Grewal served up some of his own foul gruel to the state’s law enforcement community in disallowing cooperation with federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This has endangered not only law abiding citizens, but especially the Latin American community as a whole, whether here legally or not.

This edict was issued under the guise of increasing cooperation within the illegal immigrant community with law enforcement. But is this working? Case in point. This summer, a 5 year old girl was kidnapped in broad daylight at a playground in Bridgeton. Under Grewal’s premise, surely someone within the community knows something that could lead to solving this crime. Despite a $35,000 reward, the girl remains missing as the trail gets colder every day.

In the Republican bastions in South Jersey, most Republic politicians and law enforcement personnel have either been mum or obeyed this edict. Democrats would never roll over to any Republican edict without a fight. That is why I am heartened to see Sheriff Robert Nolan, with the backing of the Cape May County freeholders, is suing Grewal and the state to reverse the edict handed down by one man that threatens all of us. I advise other counties to join in the lawsuit in a sign of unity to rein in Grewal and the rogue Murphy administration.

James M. Spickard

Little Egg Harbor Township

Stop tolling on detour

When the Black Horse pike is closed due to flooding, which is about two to four days a month, traffic is detoured onto the Atlantic City Expressway. This means everyone must pay the $0.75 toll.

Why are drivers assessed a toll if they just exit at the first Pleasantville exit? There should be no toll for the local lanes when the flood requires the detour.

That is nice revenue for the expressway and a scam on local drivers. What if the driver does not have the toll?

Steve Dunn

Atlantic City

Anti-Trump laws needed

Let’s trace some of President Trump’s original prior election statements and the results.

“Make America great again.” America has always been great and will always be the greatest nation in the world. Not to recognize this statement and understand is a poor recognition of being in the United States.

“Promises kept,” one was to “clean the swamp” of politicians and influence peddlers. He has now created larger and more swamps with political appointments and duty-bound loyalists.

“Build a wall so high you cannot see the top” and “Mexico will pay.” To date we don’t know how much is the cost of this wall, and when will Mexico pay for this future wall.

Why are his former tax returns not made available to anyone or government agency?

His thumbs-up, OK sign and his clapping for himself proves he doesn’t need an audience as he is his own audience. He and family members’ businesses are benefiting with his presidency and most of all, he may get a new TV series about himself.

The solution of all these new presidency legal restrictions and privileges of the office requires Congress to create new laws. Not just subpoenas but arrests and jail time. If any of these new laws are contested, they must be the first test of any appeals court or Supreme Court hearings. Separation of powers must detail each law when confronted case by case.

The use of U.S. Attorney General William Barr to investigate the investigators behind the investigation of Trump’s actions in the 2016 election is unending. They must check what political party they are registered, donators, comments, family ties, or any affiliations to contradict their findings or results.

Let’s recognize there will always be sides or opinions as to facts and interpretations. Respect and face that any differences can be respectful and there are no winners in political differences.

Louis Green

Mays Landing

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