Roads bad in corrupt A.C.

The state of New Jersey raised the gas tax and tolls that the state Senate and governor said would be used to repair roads and bridges. Really? Have state Senate President Stephen Sweeney or Gov. Phil Murphy driven into Atlantic City? On Atlantic Avenue and Martin Luther King Boulevard there are dips and pits, and similar is on the Black Horse Pike nearby and in parts of Egg Harbor Township.

Rather then raising the gas tax and tolls, the governor and Sweeney should have focused more on cleaning up Atlantic City government. If all the money paid in taxes by the residents and by the casinos was spent wisely, the Albany Avenue Bridge could have been replaced and we would have paved roads..

David Barsky

Atlantic City

Climate change unity needed

I am a new grandfather. My new grandson is just a year old. For his life and his parents’ and his kids’ lives, we have to now quickly stop polluting the upper atmosphere with greenhouse gases to stop worse climate change related mega-storm weather and expanded more frequent drought and wildfire craziness than we already have.

To do this we need a big change, a Green New Deal. We cannot delay on this big change. Everyone needs to start rowing in the same direction on this.

Thomas Doherty


Long list of reasons for Trump’s common appeal

Regarding the recent letter, “Only money, power matter”:

The writer opined that President Trump was elected by “appealing to the lowest common denominator.” He evidently feels superior to these fellow citizens and denigrates them because they do not ascribe to his brand of politics.

President Trump appeals to people who desire smaller government, who are disgusted with political machines and who value individual responsibility. He appeals to those of us who feel indebted to our military, veterans and men in blue. He also appeals to people who were longing for a president who is patriotic and does not apologize for our earned wealth and global generosity.

He was elected by those who hold dear our Second Amendment rights, religious liberty (Hobby Lobby, Little Sisters of the Poor) and the right of the pre-born to life. President Trump also appeals to those who would like to “keep their doctor” and have reasonable deductibles and premiums. He appeals to the majority of Americans who want border security, appreciate tax cuts and approve of the roaring economy.

This is the short list. There is so much more and we “least common denominator” folks are so proud that we elected a president who is fulfilling, as best he can, every campaign promise that he made.

Kathleen F. Pendlebury

Cape May Court House

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