EHT transgender policy tramples privacy, safety

Recently I witnessed the insanity that is the Egg Harbor Township school board. They want to enact a policy they call “transgender” that will force daughters in grades kindergarten through 12th to share their bathrooms, locker rooms and changing rooms with males, and have boys on their athletic teams.

How do parents like that? Any male who has the fantasy that he’s a girl can waltz right into their girl’s shower room. Their children could be exposed to voyeurism, with the inevitable result that they would be photographed and videoed in places that should be the most private, possibly exposed to sexual predators using this policy to satisfy their sick desires. All because a few misguided individuals rebel against what they obviously were made (just look between the legs and the question is answered).

How is it fair to girls on athletic teams to have to compete against boys who are bigger, faster and stronger? What does that do to their competitive chances? Where are the women’s rights advocates? The same threat goes for the boys, who will be deprived of basic privacy in the bathrooms, showers and on their teams.

The meeting was predominately angry, concerned parents whose pleas fell on the deaf ears of most of the board members, who want to do the bidding of their liberal masters in Trenton who are threatening them with loss of school funds.

One member spouted off about civil rights, while perfectly willing to trample the rights of parents and their children. It’s time to put the rights of the 99% of children over the intrusive invasions by the 1% who can’t decide what gender they are, and above money.

We can no longer sit idly by as liberals attack the privacy, safety and decency rights of our children. Contact the EHT school board, remind them that they serve the people, not Trenton politicians, and refuse to let them institute this insane policy.

Dave McIntosh

Egg Harbor Township

Jersey Devil reimagined

Regarding the recent story, “The Devil You Know: How Leeds descendants see their Jersey Devil relative”:

I have done extensive research on the Jersey Devil and from that I have written two screenplays, published six comic books, and produced a log line production, plus lyrics for eight songs. My conclusion is that there is a devil in all of us.

I have re-titled the story to “Champion of the Pines,” changed the names, and made the devil a protector of the environment, traveling the world to fight those who seek profit from destruction. It’s available online.

Dawn Brown

Egg Harbor Township

Reject sanctuary NJ

The last time I looked, federal law has always superseded state law. If this is the case, then why are there these sanctuary states, contrary to federal laws? I think it is a treasonous act.

New Jersey is now a sanctuary state. The Democrats who run and are running this state into bankruptcy have controlled the Legislature since 2002, and look what we have — $2 million to defend illegal immigrants living here.

Bankrupt department of transportation ($17 billion in debt), worst roads in the country and most expensive to maintain. Crumbling infrastructure.

New Jersey Transit just about broke, old equipment, engineer shortage, failure to maintain equipment and upgrade mandated safety equipment as per federal law. Just bad service.

Unsustaining pension funds negotiated by these same people who keep getting elected over and over again.

Highest real estate taxes in the country, tolls, new gas tax implemented went from 23 to 27 cents a gallon and will rise again the way Democrats included a provision for $20 billion per year in revenue raised by the tax and tolls.

Look at the exodus of our citizens, overtaxed businesses.

Sound familiar? Seattle, Washington; Chicago, Illinois; San Francisco and Los Angeles, California; Baltimore, Maryland; New York City — all sanctuary cities.

Is this the direction people want New Jersey to go? I hope not.

Carl Fischbach

Egg Harbor Township

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