Republicans won’t pass bills of House Democrats

I keep hearing and reading that Congress does nothing. On the surface, this appears to be true. However, the Democrats who control the House of Representatives are getting things done. They just die in the Republican controlled Senate, led by Sen. Mitch McConnell.

House Democrats have passed legislation pertaining to health care, civil rights, gun control, environmental protections, military and foreign affairs, consumer protection, internet protection and child abuse protection. Also, the Democratic leadership had verbal agreements with the White House on immigration reform and infrastructure works but nothing was accomplished.

Democratic House members are currently working on a bill to lower the cost of prescription drugs, which will probably also die in the Republican Senate.

Karl Frank III

Mays Landing

Finance elites anti-Trump

Having failed to find any “there there” during the failed Mueller investigation, the forces of London and Wall Street, pulling the purse-strings and animus of those opposed to President Trump’s 2016 election victory that toppled their apple cart, have now tried to organize a lynch mob. This is what motivates what comes from their mouths.

To say they have rushed out on a thin limb is mild. The exposure of what then Vice President Joe Biden engaged in regarding his son pales in comparison to his actions related to the overthrow of the legally elected Yanukovych government of Ukraine.

London financial interests as well as Wall Street have made clear they under no circumstances can allow an outsider to have a second term, as the coming financial blowout may not get a similar bailout as they did with the Hank Paulson/George W. Bush railroading of Congress.

The American patriots of all political parties must rally in defense of the constitutional republic of a president who has tried to weave through the political minefield thrown before him — in defense of the forgotten men and women who helped build the country and landed on the moon, not those who would set us back pre-1776.

Bruce Todd


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