Van Drew must back impeachment inquiry

I realize and respect the fact that Rep. Jeff Van Drew is a conservative to moderate Democrat and I voted for him. He represents a conservative district that almost elected an Americans for Prosperity libertarian.

I commend Van Drew for his work representing the district thus far, most recently in dealing with the offshore drilling issue.

The House, with his votes, has moved on numerous bills supported by many Americans. The Senate and its majority leader will have a day of reckoning for blocking these initiatives.

But Van Drew’s role is not only to represent the district’s interests, but to support and defend the Constitution, preserving, protecting and nourishing national values and governing principles.

He should revisit and seriously reconsider his position against moving forward with a formal impeachment inquiry of President Trump.

The latest disclosure involving the Ukraine must be the last straw. Even if Van Drew believes this one act in and of itself is not enough grounds for impeachment, the weight of the other cumulative evidence requires that he comes to the defense of the nation.

The Mueller Report suggested several instances that might be interpreted as obstruction of justice. The Trump administration’s efforts to block congressional oversight duty in investigating the president’s conduct is a stalling tactic designed to keep Van Drew from getting the verifiable information he said he would need to support impeachment.

No point waiting for the Justice Department inspector general’s report.

If the evidence so far falls short of giving Van Drew the political cover he feels he needs with a majority of his constituents, then I wonder if he is the person I thought I voted for. He should step up and do something.

John Capasso


Avoid meat to spare animals

As a bit of an animal lover, I have been scouring the internet for some special occasion celebrating animals. I came across an international observance called a “day for animals,” but it wasn’t quite what I expected.

I was shocked to learn that most domesticated animals are bred and raised for food.

That, unlike our cats and dogs, they get little compassion or respect from the meat and dairy industries.

Groups of laying hens are packed into small wire cages. Breeding sows spend their entire lives pregnant in metal cages.

Dairy cows are artificially impregnated each year.

Like many others, I always thought of cows, pigs and chickens as simply “food on the hoof.”

Now I realize that each dollar I spend on meat and dairy products at the checkout counter subsidizes what I consider animal atrocities. I will keep replacing animal products in my diet with cruelty-free plant-based meats and dairy items.

Pete Torrell


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