Natural gas a monopoly

South Jersey Gas basically has a monopoly for natural gas service in Atlantic County. Competition creates better service.

We need competition in this area so that customers who depend on natural gas have alternatives.

Patrick Shields


Backs Republicans in NJ House and Senate races

A writer in Business Insider recently claimed that new polling shows disastrous warning signs for Republicans ahead of the midterm elections. The disastrous warning should be for the United States of America. Voting for Democrats to take over the House and/or the Senate would have a disastrous effect on the country even though the retribution for Hillary Clinton’s landmark loss in 2016 may feel good.

Many, myself included, find President Trump’s personality distasteful. He is a braggart, a bully and a gross exaggerator. He tweets incessantly, cannot take deserved criticism and can’t refrain from responding to childish comments by opposition pundits. John McCain and Mitt Romney both called him a con man. But in 20 plus months, he has conned Wall Street into a 27 percent rise, and conned the economy into 4.2 percent GDP growth last quarter. He also cajoled the Senate into confirming two Supreme Court judges and many federal judges. He vastly increased the military budget, making us safer after years of decay, and strengthened the southern border.

If Democrats got a majority in either the House or the Senate or both, they would try to undo many of Trump’s accomplishments and if successful, we would get at least two more years of the President Obama-era economy. Trump would use his veto power to stop most Democratic efforts, resulting in gridlock. For these reasons I feel that N.J. voters should consider voting for Seth Grossman and Bob Hugin, helping to maintain the Republican majority in the House and Senate.

Franklin A. Kurtz

Cape May Point

Against Trump actions

The administration of President Donald Trump, who was elected in 2016 and sworn in January of 2017, has passed tax cuts that benefit corporations already making huge profits and the wealthiest among us. It has changed laws so that some employees can no longer take grievances to court but must use arbitrators to settle disputes.

It has relaxed securities laws and loosened bankruptcy laws, but has allowed bankruptcy relief to remain unavailable for student debt.

The Trump administration has stopped efforts to make clean air and water rules stricter and has reduced some public monuments land and opened some protected land to mining and drilling. We can fix this by voting.

The Koch brothers will reportedly spend up to $400 million on this year’s election on conservative causes and candidates. In 2016, of the 231.5 million people eligible to vote, only 138.9 million, or about 60 percent, voted. Every vote is needed to protect judicial appointments, women’s reproductive rights, student safety, air and water quality, gender equality and even the right to vote.

Voting is not just a responsibility, it is a duty and a debt owed to those who have fought and died for that right. People who can’t go to the poll should vote by mail.

Nick Reina