Backs Feinstein’s tactics in Kavanaugh hearing

Regarding the recent Jonah Goldberg column, “Feinstein’s handling of Kavanaugh accusation has made our politics even uglier”:

While it appears Goldberg is attempting to make Justice Brett Kavanaugh look like the victim of a false accusation, it seems that Sen. Diane Feinstein was the one actually victimized in his column. He suggested she has made politics even uglier.

Is her “ugly” and “grotesque cynicism” worse politics than that of ancient men like Sen. Orrin Hatch and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who tried to block nearly everything former President Barack Obama attempted? McConnell said his willingness to confirm Kavanaugh’s nomination was the will of the people. Which people? Not me.

While I hate sports analogies, here is one one that even immature 17 to 25 year old “boys” might understand. It is my opinion that Feinstein released her hail Mary pass at exactly the right time. I wish it had resulted in a touchdown.

Frances Worrell

Ocean City

Backs Menendez for Senate

The United States doesn’t have a new judicial system that provides for Robert Menendez to be guilty until proven innocent. The corruption case against Sen. Menendez ended when the jury could not reach a verdict and prosecutors didn’t pursue a new trial.

Menendez, the son of immigrant parents, has served his community, this state and the country for almost 45 years. As a young man he was a community activist who fought to get books for students who could not afford them in his hometown of Union City. Later, he was elected as the city’s youngest school board member, then mayor, and then a New Jersey state assemblyman. In 1992, he became a U.S. congressman and in 2006, a United States senator.

Along the way, Menendez held countless leadership positions in federal government and took on many issues that shaped the direction of the country.

Bob Hugin, Menendez’s opponent in the race for U.S. Senate on November’s ballot, has already spent $15 million. Hugin’s pharmaceutical company has made huge profits, in part by passing high drug costs on to cancer patients. Hugin would be another Republican looking out for big business in Washington, not for people like me.

This little history lesson should give people a new perspective to still consider giving their support to Menendez on Nov. 6.

Mayor Chuck Chiarello

Buena Vista Township

Supports Hammonton First

“I’m from Hammonton!” Those three words are often expressed with excitement and a keen sense of pride.

I know that when anyone asks me where I live, I can’t wait to tell them about our town and aspects of Hammonton that I think that person would find appealing. Whether it is the feast, the strong family values, our beautiful Main Street, the award-winning restaurants and family-owned Italian markets, all the great events, the wineries and breweries, the list goes on and on.

People often respond by telling me about the fantastic articles they read about our town in major newspapers and what they’ve seen on TV. The pride that we all feel and the recent successes of the town, though, would not have been possible without the strong foundation upon which Hammonton was built.

Like a family, older generations lay the foundation for future generations to build on and grow, and to hopefully achieve greater successes. The same is true for our community. And that is a fact that Hammonton First takes to heart.

Hammonton First has helped to grow the town and build upon its foundation, all while celebrating its long-standing traditions.

Residents of Hammonton can rest assured that the town’s future will be stronger and brighter under the leadership of Hammonton First. I encourage them on Nov. 6 vote for three Town Council candidates who love where they live: Sam Rodio, Jonathan Oliva and Dane Wuillermin of Hammonton First.

Thomas Gribbin

Deputy mayor, Hammonton

Movie robbed true story of message of faith

Movies have become the cotton candy of the entertainment world.

I had read with great enjoyment the wonderful book “Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand and loved it greatly.

Then I went to see the original movie based on this nonfiction book and saw that director Angelina Jolie and the screenwriters, including the Coen brothers, had removed all mentions of God, forgiveness, salvation and redemption that were, in my opinion, part of the greatest message the story had to offer.

Thank goodness director Harold Cronk corrected this glaring omission with the latest version, “Unbroken Path to Redemption.”

I simply am puzzled why the makers of the first version chose to remove all of the powerful message of faith in their version? Hmm! I think there is an answer.

John Regina


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