For Van Drew for Congress

Jeff Van Drew promotes policies to protect the region’s agricultural and fishing industries and to reduce the financial burden of college. He fights to ensure equal treatment regardless of race, religion, gender identity, disability or sexual orientation. He works to lower the ridiculously high cost of health insurance. He supports an immigration policy that protects and fairly treats those who came here as minors.

Van Drew seems to want an immigration policy allowing law-abiding immigrant families to pay taxes and earn their citizenship. He fights for net neutrality and a free and open internet. He has said no to North Jersey casinos, to privatizing Social Security and Medicare. Yes to Medicare negotiating for lower drug prices. No to raising the retirement age and to reducing cost of living adjustments. Yes to middle-class tax cuts and to making sure veterans get more and better help. No to voter discrimination of any kind.

Marlene McPherson

Atlantic City

For Grossman for Congress

When Jeff Van Drew represented us first as an assemblyman and later as a state senator, people were content. He more or less understood what they wanted here in South Jersey and mostly delivered. He wasn’t perfect, but delivered great constituent service (a secret to getting re-elected) and the personal touch. He was described as a “conservative” Democrat, as if that wasn’t a total oxymoron.

Then he decided to run for Congress. Suddenly, his decisions were party related and disconnected from his constituents. Illegal immigrants getting state aid? OK with Van Drew. Drivers licenses for illegals, without the 5 points of ID that regular NJ citizens need? He is all over that. And the last-minute accusations with zero corroboration against a Supreme Court nominee who has impeccable credentials? Van Drew was ready to try, convict and execute to go along with his party.

No, this Jeff Van Drew is not the one we re-elected so many times. If we send him to Congress, he’ll be a puppet of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, forgetting his roots with the rational people of South Jersey. He’ll vote to impeach a duly elected president for no reason, and he’ll continue the destruction of the nation begun by President Bill and Hillary Clinton and extended by President Obama.

Don’t give Van Drew the benefit of the doubt. Seth Grossman will represent the values and principles of South Jersey. Stop the liberal madness and vote for the reasonable and logical choice.

Roger Gros

Atlantic City

Liberals help middle class

Every time I read a letter to the editor denouncing liberals, I have to pause and chuckle. Conservatives should reflect upon the great fortune they have enjoyed from the actions of Presidents Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson. Without their advocacy, we would not enjoy the benefits of Social Security or Medicare. Millions of Americans depend upon these two programs.

Middle class America might never receive these types of social benefits under our current president. President Trump seems to favor the one percenters and corporate enterprises.

So before someone denigrates the accomplishments of liberals, I suggest they check their wallets and be a little grateful that they have received these crucial benefits from liberal presidents who actually cared about the middle class in this country.

Stephen Gring

Ocean City