School recess supporters should oppose PARCC

Regarding the recent editorial, “Law requiring 20 minutes of recess a welcome move by Gov. Murphy”:

The editorial expressed support for requiring recess for children in grades K-5. The Press stated: “A growing national trend toward using more school time to focus on academics has put this important part of a student’s school day at risk.”

I found The Press position on this issue curious to say the least. For the past several years I have read editorial after editorial where The Press has supported the PARCC tests.

These tests are high stakes, meaning that schools, teachers and even students are held to dire consequences if students don’t do well. It is for this reason that many schools have substituted PARCC prep courses for not only recess, but gym classes as well. Practically every state that had been using PARCC has abandoned it and New Jersey will too if Gov. Murphy fulfills his campaign promise.

If The Press believes that recess should not be neglected, then it should follow that the abandonment of the PARCC test would also be welcome.

Toni Leadley

Cape May Court House

Accusers ignored justice

I spent a whole day listening to the allegation from Christine Blasey Ford and the denial from Judge Brett Kavanaugh. There were continual calls for an FBI investigation. Ford should have been asked why she hadn’t gone to the police to report this alleged sexual assault. Maryland has no statute of limitation on a sex crime as this lady describes.

I believe that the people supporting this accusation, including Ford, didn’t have any interest in real justice in a court of law. That speaks volumes to the motives of all involved.

John Hull


Encourage local artists to make over Atlantic City

Art students of local colleges should be invited to make a beautification effort in the Atlantic City area.

Many locals and visitors may see an intimidating, unwelcome vibe in Atlantic City due to the drab and dilapidated look of most of its streets. The city’s image has prevented many people from wanting to come.

Improving the image of Atlantic City can come at a low cost; local students can help enhance the city’s ambience by using elements of drama, music, dance and visual arts. They can organize fairs and festivals, paint murals and decorate the streets,

Artists are present in every community. Stockton University’s Noyes Art Museum often exhibits student works; the potential is obvious and limitless.

The arts can play an impactful role in regenerating marginalized communities. Art projects can encourage economic investment, improve quality of life and strengthen the bonds between community groups.

Encouraging the young student population to participate in rehabilitating Atlantic City would generate more love and care for the city, and with that sentiment will come an energized effort to see that it flourishes. Both the artists of our schools and the city itself would be able to shine.

Melanie Wang

Galloway Township

Witness denial downplayed

Brett Kavanaugh clearly stated that Christine Blasey Ford’s good friend, whom Ford said was at the party, does not know Kavanaugh and has no recollection of the party or the incident. Ford’s friend made the statement under oath, but the media downplayed this. That is not fair reporting.

Ken Bell


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