Backs Thornton in Cape

I was disappointed to learn that my union, AFSCME, was supporting the Democratic candidates for freeholder. I was even more disappointed to learn that this occurred without a vote of the local membership or even its executive board. Over the past week I have heard from many current and former employees who are upset. Some want to start a petition. Some want to opt out of the union. All I have talked to have told me they support Jerry Thornton. This union endorsement certainly does not reflect the opinion of most of the people who have worked with Thornton.

I have worked for Cape May County for more than 20 years and Thornton has always treated us well, stood beside us and fought for us when we needed it. He does not deserve this from the employees he has always treated with fairness and respect.

I respect him for all the work he has done for this county and its residents. I encourage people to re-elect Freeholder Jerry Thornton.

Anna Marie DiDonato

North Cape May

Supports Oral in Upper

In these times of political division and crass discourse, Upper Township deserves a breath of fresh air. It’s time to bring civility and basic common courtesy back into personal and political interactions.

That’s why I’ll be voting for Don Oral for Upper Township Committee on Election Day. Oral would not only bring fresh ideas and solutions to the community — because I think everyone can agree the last thing we need is another dollar store — he also would bring much needed civility and integrity to local government.

People should vote for Don Oral for Upper Township on Nov. 5.

Andrea Smith


For Levinson, county exec

I have always been an independent voter. I scrutinize every candidate. I believe Dennis Levinson has done an admirable job, but had an open mind to change. His opponent, Susan Korngut, has run such a negative campaign with unsubstantiated accusations of racism that it turns me off. Levinson has been part of this community and had many elections. No one has ever made such horrible charges.

It saddens me that a candidate, especially an attorney, can make such unfounded claims. To me there is only one choice. I am voting enthusiastically for Levinson.

Bob Howie


Backs 1st District Dems

Voting for the Republican candidates for state Senate and Assembly would be a no win for South Jersey.

Electing these Republicans would result in South Jersey having no representation in Trenton as they will not have any input. The practicality is that they will have no access to committee chairmen, zero seniority in a minority party. They will be relegated to the low back benches.

Electing Bob Andrzejczak to the Senate and re-electing Bruce Land and Matthew Milam to the Assembly would ensure South Jersey will have seniority and access to the power brokers in Trenton and in turn be able to lobby for interests in South Jersey.

Frank Worrell

Ocean City

Against Levinson as exec

Dennis Levinson and Sonny McCullough seem to be trying to turn Atlantic City International Airport into what I consider the mess known as Newark International Airport. They want to bring in freight and maintenance on jets. There might be hundreds of flights a day for the sake of as few as 50 jobs.

I think this could damage bird habitats and devalue area properties.

Dominic Leonetti


Against Galloway’s Coppola

Regarding the recent letter, “Dirty political campaigns don’t belong in Galloway”:

I read a letter written by Mayor Tony Coppola claiming that Galloway Township is one of the best-run townships in New Jersey. When I read that, my jaw dropped. The roads are horrendous, we get fewer services than other areas, and our taxes are out of control. The mayor also claims that taxes have been reduced, apparently forgetting that in 2013 he voted to raise taxes significantly. That hurt some people and maybe encouraged some to leave the township. I want to see real progress, real discussion of new ideas, and real fact-based solutions.

Charlotte Wynia MacNeice


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