Improve retail access

I watched with much sadness as a feeble elderly gentleman struggled to pull open the door at a convenience store with his two-wheeled walker in his hands. The doors were heavy and opened out towards him. With both hands on his walker, it was impossible for him to come through the door.

Fortunately, a good Samaritan gave him a hand.

It was equally problematic for him to exit. He carried his hot coffee in a plastic bag and, again, unsuccessfully pushed his walker against the door to open it. Again, someone opened the door for him.

In an era where the geriatric population is rapidly growing, large corporations should consider making adaptions that would enable the disabled and elderly to access their facilities without difficulty. I have learned, from my own experience, how many obstacles the handicapped and elderly face. Store doors are often culprits.

Dr. Claudia Prapawiwat

Galloway Township

Target gun lawbreakers

I think all the leading contenders among Democrats want to eventually confiscate, or severely restrict, guns from law-abiding Americans. What I can’t wrap my reasoning around is why most Democrats support this really stupid concept.

Law-abiding gun-owners — by definition — do not deliberately shoot people. Criminals do. So do mentally deranged persons, psychopaths, terrorists both foreign and indigenous, and probably a few social-nutcases with an axe to grind.

But not law-abiding people. So why take guns from law-abiding people who want to own or use them? That’s easy; it’s convenient to target people who legally and openly own guns. Some people ask, why does anybody need an auto-loading weapon? The answer is also simple: because it auto-loads.

In the hands of a person who absolutely will conform to laws — under the Constitution — that’s enough reason. Treat and restrict all those we can predict cannot have a gun, because no law will ever apply to the lawless, mentally deranged or the others I’ve mentioned. Leave law-abiding people alone to remain law-abiding.

Robert S, Viola

Somers Point

Brother deserves justice

In July, my 70-year-old brother was assaulted on the Atlantic City Boardwalk by an adult and three juveniles. He has since that assault had two brain surgeries and has been in an intensive care unit in a hospital in Manhattan. He is on a ventilator and is paralyzed in his right hand.

I pray these people get charged accordingly and my brother gets the justice he deserves. An attack on an elderly man truly shows how violent our youth are. This is not acceptable and something needs to be done.

Valerie Harrington

Canon City, Colorado

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