Power plant pipeline enables wind, solar

Opponents of the South Jersey Gas pipeline are living in a vacuum. Environmentalists and organizations like the N.J. Sierra Club want clean energy. New Jersey's policy is to discourage the construction of new coal-fired power plants and accelerate the decommissioning of existing coal-fired plants. Rockland Capital Cape May, operator of the Beesleys Point plant, have decided to move from coal, a fuel demonized by the Obama administration, to cleaner natural gas.

About 20 of the pipeline's 22 miles will be within existing cleared public right-of-way along state and county highways. About 2 miles will be within Atlantic City Electric's existing power line corridor.

The re-powering of this station with natural gas promises the sustained availability of this important asset and jobs. A re-powered B.L. England plant will be essential to the deployment of offshore wind energy and solar power, providing the back-up power needed when the wind or sun are not available.

Rob Schrader


Brown stellar in support for his fellow veterans

As an officer of a local veterans organization, where Chris Brown is a trustee and has served for 20 years, long before he entered politics and as a Vietnam veteran, I was dismayed to read the Oct. 18 letter criticizing his support of his fellow veterans. First, Brown is a hometown hero who answered his country's call to go to war not just once but twice, leaving behind his wife and three small children to fight for us overseas.

Brown served honorably, earning the Bronze Star and Combat Infantryman Badge, and also the Presidential Unit Citation for his service while attached to the 82nd Airborne Division in the first Gulf War. Any accusation intended to smear Brown's distinguished military record, on any ground, is completely absurd and clearly politically motivated.

Brown has earned a lifetime A-plus for his service to country, community and returning veterans. He brings to Trenton first-hand knowledge of what it is like to be activated for war and leave behind family and friends, as well as the challenges veterans face when returning home from combat.

I have lost count of the number of times Brown has helped our members behind the scenes and without fanfare. He is not driven by accolades or by a politically motivated and manipulated report card; he simply works to do the right thing.

Roger Emmick

Somers Point

Statue move overblown

I am positive there were no sinister motives in moving the bronze bust of Horace Bryant Jr. from Stockton University's Carnegie Center to its arts center in the city. The situation was corrected and everyone should move on, but no, some people were offended and all involved must apologize and beg forgiveness. Grow up, there are more important things going on than the placement of a bust.

Jim Fuoti

Egg Harbor Township

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