Offshore wind project threatens N.J. fishing

If you enjoy New Jersey inshore saltwater fishing, I would recommend you leave for another state. I believe wind turbines off New Jersey will destroy fishing in inshore waters.

I see evidence that flat fish like our summer flounder will not go past the turbines in Europe. Turbines in Europe are half the size of those planned for New Jersey, which I think will mean twice as much electrical current leaking into the water. Unlike oil wells in Gulf of Mexico, fishermen will not be allowed to get anywhere near these monsters to fish. Do a little research outside the Ørsted publicity and see for yourself what they have done to Europeon fishing.

Bill Shillingford


Easy on school lunch bills

There has been coverage concerning school lunch and unpaid bills. I do not see the logic in taking lunch from a child, if it is only going to be thrown in the trash.

Does the school try to determine why the bill was not paid? Was it an oversight, intentionally done or due to family financial issues? Is this an issue in our area and how do our local schools handle this?

Eileen Risler


Bowling alley staff made brother’s day

These are busy days. Technology has society on an ever faster treadmill and the view out of the window blurs more and more. No time. Quick news. Grab the phone and move on.

I’m proud to say my adult kids know me as Analog Man. Flip phone ... very little social media, mostly through my wife’s mastery of the monster. Not that I wouldn’t be hooked on it if I started. On the contrary, no one would see me anymore.

But it’s getting hard to find real world acts of kindness. That is until I took my special brother Davey bowling for his 57th birthday. The staff at the lanes were gracious in helping celebrate with us, and even gave him a bowling bag. He is over the moon with joy; and my gratitude for this simple act of kindness knows no bounds. That bowling alley is an old school kind of place.

Michael Maggio

Galloway Township

Too many guns, shootings

I’m up in arms over senseless violence in our communities. Every day we hear of a shooting or an innocent person being on the end of a bullet.

What are we killing each other for? Is it bragging rights, over property, over territory, or what. All of these people want to be thugs with no heart. Let’s put them all on an island to shoot it out.

Some policeman seem to want to shoot everyone who wants to march or protest, and there have been some bad police. But ask yourself, would you do that job with all of the dangers? The more rights we have, to worst it gets. Ask yourself, with all of the guns on the street, was it like this when we had stop and frisk? What can we do, besides begging for help.

Jaret Dixon


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