Dropped food draws gulls

I was on the Ocean City Boardwalk recently and I saw the sea gulls cleaning up. They were doing this without pay.

When people visit Ocean City, it would be a good idea to clean up after themselves so the city doesn’t have to spend money to harass the wildlife.

Peter Juhlin


Bring Miss A back to A.C.

Hard Rock Casino and Hotel recently presented a wonderful parade on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. My friend and I arrived early and waited one and a half hours. The boardwalk was very crowded and it seemed 99 percent of the people didn’t have any idea what was going on.

Many announcements were heard on the speakers, but the parade was not mentioned once. Why was the city not supporting this? Hard Rock went to great lengths to make this a major event for Atlantic City.

Sadly, we lost the Miss America Pageant and the Show Me Your Shoes parade this year, and Hard Rock tried to fill the void. Why were they not supported?

Atlantic City is the home of Miss America. In 2021 will be the 100th anniversary of the pageant, and it belongs in Atlantic City. I sincerely hope that Hard Rock, with the help of the other casinos, will bring the pageant home again.

The pageant brings along a large entourage of people with them. These people are staying in hotels, spending money in restaurants, and also in casinos. Every casino should support the pageant and have a float in the parade next September. Let’s bring it home!

Barbara Thomson


Don’t honor Whitman

I’m astonished that an institution like Stockton University would honor former Gov. Christie Whitman, citing public service.

Whitman initiated the downward spiral of the teacher’s pension fund. Instead of contributing dollar for dollar to the pension fund as dictated by state law, she refinanced the pension fund and used money from the deal to balance the state’s budget. This underfunding by her and subsequent governors continued for 11 years. Why this governor would be honored with this on her record is beyond comprehension.

Teachers never missed a payment of their contribution to the fund.

Matthew Previti

Egg Harbor Township

Congress of bureaucrats

A recent “Thought for the day” by Brooks Atkinson said, “The perfect bureaucrat everywhere is the man (or woman) who manages to make no decisions and escape all responsibility.”

Describes Congress, doesn’t it?

Tom Krick


Asteroid moon hit a worry

There is no telling the reverberating impact of asteroids colliding with the moon, bumping it off its trajectory. Such would be uncharted territory, almost too catastrophic to talk about. The Earth is vulnerable to the shifting gravity of the moon. It wouldn’t take much for people to go the way of the flightless great auk to extinction.

Opel L. Dalsh

Cape May

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