Tech an enemy of nature

I see technology giant Amazon is not satisfied with the billions they’re already making. They never will be. Now they’re coming out with wireless earbuds called Echo Buds to put their Alexa voice in your head 24/7. Obviously, there’s to be no end to our technological enslavement and dependency. With this latest tech hook, you won’t be able to get away from Amazon’s ads and indoctrination. They can even build them into your eye glasses and rings.

It would appear this manmade march from a natural existence to a technological existence will be forced upon us, good or bad, and whether we want it or not. Gone will be our ability to think and do for ourselves, to independently stand on our own two feet as past generations did. We are already witnessing a loss of the capacity for concentration and deep inner contemplation among our youth.

I truly believe we have lost our way as civilization, in this technological and materialistic world, grows further and further removed from a more natural way of living as nature intended. For that matter, it would appear nature itself is being devoured first by the industrial revolution and now by the technological revolution.

We’ve gone too far. We are well on our way to crossing the point of no return. But nature, the Earth, is self-balancing. And it is not a question of will the Earth reassert its powers of self-balancing but when. And when it does, seeming giants like Amazon, Google and even the most powerful world governments will see just how small they are compared to Mother Nature.

Donald R. Ackermann


Politically linked help

A recent Gospel reading presented the story of how an extremely rich man, who feasted sumptuously every day, wouldn’t assist a starving poor man named Lazarus, who “was willing to satisfy his hunger with what fell from the rich man’s table.” As usual, our minister adeptly presented God’s word in current-day perspectives. He gave us parishioners the whys and hows — reasons why we should and ways how we could assist the poor and needy among us.

Except for contributions to the church and calculating income tax deductions, my wife manages all our charitable whatevers. Still and all, I couldn’t resist thinking if there are things I’ve personally done recently to help others besides a bit of volunteer work. Surprisingly, I came up with two.

The first involves my purchase of a Betsy Ross (13-star) flag T-shirt supporting the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, which builds mortgage-free smart (handicap assisting) homes for our most catastrophically injured service members. (The sale of the Betsy Ross shirts, organized, promoted and run by media mogul Rush Limbaugh, has raised $4 million and still counting for the foundation.)

A second effort to help others arises from my personal belief that my contributions to the re-election of Donald J. Trump as president in 2020 will be magnified tenfold in terms of what the nation will do for all U.S. Americans, particularly the underprivileged willing to work as well as those in need of a hand up.

Ettore “Ed” Cattaneo

North Cape May

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