Unity without catastrophe

For months after 9/11, all Americans rallied to help the people affected by the devastating attack by the terrorist killers. Everyone put their social and political differences aside.

Why do we need a catastrophe to bring us together? The USA will always be one country, one people. Freedom will always prevail.

David M. Levin


Theft closed store in A.C.

So Atlantic City is getting a new grocery store? Around 1996, I helped build a new grocery store in the city.

It had a grand opening and about four years later it closed because people were stealing it blind. It did nothing but lose money.

Bernard Matthews

Ocean City

Skeptical of A.C. task force

Regarding recent articles on the Atlantic City task force exploring tax options: Hang onto your wallets, property owners. Lt. Gov. Sheila Oliver, who convened the task force, said a recent three-hour meeting centered around transparency and communication. That’s bureaucrat-speak for nothing got done.

John Chesarek

Leeds Point

Van Drew good, responsive

I find it so refreshing that we have a congressman like Rep. Jeff Van Drew who reads emails from the citizens when he has the time, and that he and his staff try to do right by the citizens of Atlantic County.

Sometimes we might question if we voted for the right person or not. I’m sure Seth Grossman would have been a good representative in Congress for our community, but I feel that Grossman would make a much better governor or senator in the near future, and that we should continue to support Congressman Van Drew when he is up for election.

David Barsky

Atlantic City

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