Reduce roadwork delays

Motorists in Northfield had a bad week recently due to simultaneous partial closures of both Shore Road and Route 9. Closing one of these roads for water line replacement was bad enough but closing both at the same time limited options and caused major backups.

Shore Road is a county road and Route 9 is a state road, so Northfield had little control over the situation. Police resources were stressed, requiring state police to help control traffic.

Obviously, Atlantic County, New Jersey American Water and the state have to do a better job in coordinating these situations.

Richard Levitt


Only some pay in Ventnor

Why are taxpayers being charged a user fee for the privilege of using department of recreation facilities? We have in the city of Ventnor a recreational facility on taxpayer property that consists of tennis courts, pickle ball courts and a basketball court.

My issue is that certain months of the year the taxpayer as well as non-taxpayers are charged a fee to use the tennis courts, also the pickle ball courts, but not the basketball court.

I don’t see the rationale behind this ill thought out policy. Did the decision makers think to exclude veterans from the user fee?

Bert Twersky


Make A.C. the destination

Regarding the recent story, “Atlantic City ‘not a 9-casino market,’ Golden Nugget owner says”:

Atlantic City sits in the middle of one of the biggest, if not the biggest, regions of population in the USA. I agree with the article about the impact of too many casinos, but I think the conclusion that is arrived at by Golden Nugget owner Tilman Ferttita is the same misleading perspective that has plagued Atlantic City since 1976.

The city in its heyday was itself the destination. It’s not a casino town. The draw was a fun urban city on the beach within easy reach of a huge population base.

Casinos cannot be the only reason people travel to Atlantic City. It’s not a city that exists for the profitability of casino organizations.

The perspective and emphasis has to be on what will attract people to the city, not to any specific property. Hard to see that now because the city has become so unattractive — but with a little imagination, solid planning and a sincere desire to attract investment competitively, things could change.

Norm Mayall

Hatboro, Pennsylvania

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